Majors, Courses, and Student Resources

PC’s History Department offers students a full and quality academic experience. Central to the liberal arts, the study of history provides a life enriching course of study that prepares students for a broad range of career and educational goals.

When students major in history, they study the peoples and nations of the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  Courses are often organized around themes such as race, gender, violence, revolution, and religion.  PC’s history professors utilize lecture, discussion, and seminar formats to help students develop essential skills such as critical reading, strong reasoning, and clear communication.  To round out the students’ liberal arts experience, they complete a minor or second major.  Study abroad opportunities to places far and near are offered; faculty-supervised but student-driven independent and honors research and internships are likewise available.

At graduation, therefore, the student who majors in history will have completed a program of study that spans the globe and yet focuses on important topics and themes within the historical story, while strengthening key skills that will have application for their lives after PC.


Dillard Stephens (’14), who majored in history and minored in English and chemistry, makes the following observation:

‘Choosing a major isn’t about potential salaries, but about studying a subject that satisfies your thirst for education.’


If you have any questions, please contact the department chair, Dr. Michael A. Nelson, who will be pleased to answer them.