Research & Internships

Over the years, history students at PC have pursued internships and research possibilities, some of which have resulted in jobs, publications, and awards.

Honors Research

If a student meets the college’s stated requirements, he or she may pursue the honors research track. To fulfill the History Honors Track, the student must take an additional 6 credit hours of classwork and complete a student-driven research project in which the student works closely with a faculty member to produce a major, high-quality paper on a topic of the student’s choice. As part of the project, the student presents his or her research to the college community.

Summer Fellows Program/Independent Research

During the summer, the college hosts the PC Summer Fellows program in which students and faculty work together on a project over the summer months, and the student receives a stipend for participating. Students are also offered the opportunity to engage in independent research in the regular academic year on a topic of their choice. This is similar to the honors research project except that the student is not limited by the college’s and department’s honors requirements.


An internship provides students with hands-on experience in a position where history is the focus. For instance, students have interned in museums, national and state parks, and other similar venues. Credit hours are determined in consultation between the faculty member, the employer, and the student. An internship can serve as a means to fulfill general education credit and/or as a means to explore career options.

Students who are interested in the above opportunities, please contact a member of the history department. For information and forms needed for an internship, please also visit the Office of Career Programs and Student Development.