Help Desk

Click here to Email a help request.

You will receive a reply email acknowledgement to your request. If you need IMMEDIATE HELP, Enter “EMERGENCY in Subject; or call ResNet at (864)833-7100.  Please provide the following information:

  1. Subject: HELP:+YOUR NAME (Add your name)
  2. Description/Request (be specific*): Device,OS, Application, Problem
  3. Location/Building, Room#** (Where to meet for assistance)
  4. Contact Name(s) and Cell#(s)
  5. Day/TIME (WHEN you will be IN or to Drop off.) IF this is an Office or Residence issue, Please provide the BEST TIME for a “house call” and we will confirm the appointment. If you will arrive early or late by more than 15 minutes, please let us know in advance; Simply REPLY to the original acknowledgement to change the appointment time.

The ResNet Office is in Richardson 113. Office Hours and Emergency Cell#s are posted on the door. For walk ins: ResNet is usually open afternoons Monday through Friday. Emails are preferred over voice mail, especially during non-office hours.

Personal Computer Repair Policy: As a courtesy to students, faculty and staff, ResNet will evaluate hardware issues and make recommendations. ResNet is not a hardware repair center.
*Be Specific describing problem: Device:Laptop & Model#, OS:Win/Mac/Phone/iOS, Application or Utility and Error.
Example: “Dell Inspiron 15R, Win8 has wireless connection ERROR “Can’t Connect”. Computer won’t connect to PC Wireless or weaker signal on Bluehose. I can’t connect anywhere on campus. My smartphone connects to the same Wireless Access Point with no problem.”

ResNet Helps with: General computer problem prevention and solutions, Applications, Printing, Wireless/Wired, Internet connectivity/Browser, Virus, Lost file, issues with Windows, Mac or SmartPhone, AntiVirus, Virus removal, Windows security updates, Backup/Recovery, Startup errors, Blue Screen, Popup Ads, Freezing, Error message/number, etc. . . . (Example of Browser:Internet Explorer, Web page link> Page Load “Timeout” error.)

**Provide BUILDING/ROOM# information so IF your problem only occurs at a specific location we can come to you; or Enter RICHARDSON 113 IF you plan on bringing your computer to the ResNet OFFICE (Please specify a TIME that you will do this, from 8am-5pm, so that we can confirm your appointment).