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Copyright Information

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All content on the Presbyterian College’s website is copyright by and property of Presbyterian College unless otherwise credited.

Copyright Resources

The following web resources provide useful information on Copyright and Fair Use Issues:

US Government Copyright Info.

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)


Identity System of Presbyterian College

The identity systems, logos, service marks or trademarks are among PC’s valuable assets and must be managed with care to remain the consistent symbol of the college.

  • Copyrights identify original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression such as books, motion pictures, photography, and musical compositions.
  • Service marks are unique symbols used by an individual or business to identify a service and distinguish it from those of its competitors.
  • Trademarks are unique symbols used by an individual or business to identify a product and distinguish it from those of its competitors.

PC’s identity marks (such as the academic and athletic images, the Scotsman image, and the Blue Hose name), distinguish the college from other colleges and universities.

The name, seal, and other identifying marks of the college are registered trademarks.

  • The seal is used for graduation, the president’s office and other special events or items.
  • Block PC is the main mark for the college.
  • Blue Hose word mark is a secondary mark for athletics.
  • Scotsman image is a secondary mark for athletics.

Individuals and groups may obtain permission to use the marks from the College only. Presbyterian College manages its own identity marks. For more information on how to become a licensed vendor, contact the office of Marketing and Creative Services:
Presbyterian College
Office of Communication
503 South Broad Street
Clinton South Carolina 29325



Directory Information The College has designated certain information contained in a student’s educational record as directory information pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Directory information at Presbyterian College consists of:

Student’s full name

Addresses (campus, permanent, email)

Telephone numbers

Major field of study


Participation in officially recognized activities

Sports weight and height (for members of athletic teams)

Dates of attendance Classification Degree(s) and awards/honors received

This information may be disclosed by the College for any purpose deemed as legitimate without the consent of a student. However, a student has the right to refuse the disclosure of this information. For more information or to request that information not be disclosed, a student must complete the required form in the Registrar’s office.

Student Records

Presbyterian College maintains different types of records: admissions, academic, financial, disciplinary, health, etc. The following records that are maintained in the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Registrar are considered confidential student records:

1. Active Academic Records: Those academic records retained by the Office of the Registrar and required by the Office of the Provost to account for the enrolled student’s academic performance and status, including records maintained by instructors.

2. Inactive Academic Records: Those records retained by the Office of the Registrar that pertain to the academic performance of persons no longer enrolled at Presbyterian College.

3. Records Pertaining to Academic Accommodations: Those records retained by the Office of the Provost that pertain to students’ requests for and award of academic accommodations.

4. Records Related to Violations or Potential Violations of the Honor Code: Those records retained by the Office of the Provost that pertain to violations or potential violations of the honor code as it relates to academics.


Access to Confidential Information

It is the policy of the college that information contained in official student records will not be released to the parent(s) or guardian(s) without the consent of the student unless the student is a valid dependent of the parent(s) or guardian(s). Students are allowed access to their official records during normal business hours to ensure that information contained therein is not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of their rights or privacy. A student who wishes to review his/her record will make a request directly to the Registrar for academic records or the Provost for records pertaining to academic accommodations or honor code violations. Such requests should be made one business day (at least 24 hours) in advance to the respective official.