James H. Thomason Library

Library Collections

In addition to materials to support the curriculum, the Thomason Library contains and makes available to students, faculty, and community borrowers items in several areas of special interest:

  • Archives & Special Collections
    Located in the upper level addition, this collection is divided into two major components -- the Presbyterian College Archives, which documents the history of PC and the individuals and other institutions associated with it, and special collections dealing with the history of South Carolina and Presbyterianism.
  • Curriculum Collection
    The Eugene T. Wilson Learning Center, located on the lower level of the Library, contains materials that support the College's teacher education program. Areas include children's literature, adolescent literature, Christian education, textbooks (used in both elementary and secondary schools), and curriculum kits.
    Prefixes for call numbers in this area include:

    AL - Adolescent Literature
    CE - Christian Education
    CL - Children's Literature

    DE - Diversity Education

    EC - Early Childhood

    EE - Elementary Education
    ET - Elementary Text

    ML - Middle Level

    SD - Secondary
    ST - Secondary Text
    Curr Kit - Curriculum Kit

  • Leisure Reading
    Located on the main level, this collection is available ONLY to college borrowers (faculty, staff, students). The LRC collection contains fiction as well as non-fiction best sellers.
  • Mystery
    In addition to mysteries in Leisure Reading, a permanent collection resides on the upper level near the Dillard-Elliott Room. Popular authors include Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Tony Hillerman, and Agatha Christie.

  • Science Fiction
    The science fiction collection is located on the upper level near the Dillard-Elliott Room. Works include those by Issac Asimov, Nancy Kress, Ray Bradbury, and Kate Wilhelm.
  • Compact Disc Collection A-Z
    The compact disc collection supports the voice and instrumental music programs of the college with selections in classical music, sacred music, jazz, and musicals. New acquisitions for leisure listening include rock & roll, pop, alternative, and hip hop selections. The collection is located on the lower level in the Movies & Music Room.

  • Video Collection A-Z
    Collection of VHS tapes in subjects ranging from art to psychology as well as silent movies, classic films from the "golden era," screen adaptations of books and plays, and modern hits. Located on the lower level in the Movies & Music Room.
  • DVD Collection A-Z
    This collection contains titles that support the various disciplines, as well as a a collection of popular titles for leisure viewing. Located on the lower level in the Movies & Music Room.

  • Score
    This collection supports both vocal and instrumental performance and study. While many of the scores are for organ and piano, a number include individual parts for ensemble playing. The scores span a wide range of periods including Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, and early American. The scores are located on the lower level adjacent to the Movies and Music Collections.
  • Periodical Collection A-Z
    The Library subscribes to thousands of periodicals, including scholarly journals, local newspapers, general interest magazines, and electronic journals. The current print journal, magazine, and newspaper collections are located on the main level. Older issues of periodicals are located on the lower level. Use our Journal Finder tool to determine whether Thomason Library has access to a particular journal.


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