James H. Thomason Library


Quiet Policy


Thomason Library offers a wide range of services and resources, as well as spaces for study, group work, and classroom instruction.  The Library strives to ensure that students and faculty will find a place for quiet concentration and study within our facility.

Under normal conditions, a certain amount of noise can be expected at the service desks on the main level as librarians and staff members assist library patrons. In addition, computers, printers, photocopiers, and classroom traffic produce noise.  

Nevertheless, disturbances and behaviors which interfere with the normal use of the library are not acceptable. Examples of inappropriate behavior include rowdiness, prolonged or loud conversation or group study in a silent or quiet study area, cell phone conversations, and personal audio players with a volume loud enough to be heard by others.


Please be considerate of others by keeping noise to a minimum in all study zones throughout the Library.


SILENT Zone: No conversation is permitted in this zone.

  • Main Level: Large reading room beyond the Reference computers
  • Upper Level: Bridge area in front of the Archives


QUIET STUDY Zone: Brief, low-volume conversation is permitted in this zone. Group study and prolonged conversations should be moved to the Lower Level or to a group study room.

  • Main Level:  Area near the Reference computers, including 4 person tables and study carrels.
  • Upper Level: Open areas with large tables, study carrels along back wall.


CONVERSATIONAL STUDY Zone: Collaborative study with low-volume conversation is permitted in this zone.  Please be considerate of others studying nearby, and be aware that study rooms are not soundproof.

  • Lower Level: All open areas with 4-person tables
  • Group Study Rooms located on all 3 floors (represented by light yellow on Location Guide floor plans)
  • Main Level: 24 Hour Study Lounge at front of building.


Patrons who fail to comply with this policy after repeated warnings may be asked to leave the building.  Please refer to the Presbyterian College Code of Conduct  and specifically to items 4.0 and 4.4 of the code.



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