On this page are some pictures that we have here in Archives that we have so far been unable to identify.  Take a look, and if you see one that you know something about, send an email to Teresa Inman, tinman@presby.eduJust give the Mystery Picture number and tell us what you know! 

Mystery picture #1
(photo stamp reads "The Blue Stocking"; no other identifying information)

Mystery picture #1 Mystery SOLVED!
Found in the Feb. 9, 1968 Blue Stocking, Beth Lindsey and Mike Luke, in the
PC Drama Department production, "Dirty Work at the Crossroads."
The Blue Stocking
been digitized and is now available online in the Internet Archive [www.archive.org]  along with The PacSac and PC Magazine.

Mystery picture #2

Mystery picture #3

Mystery picture #4 (info on back of photo says
"1966 PC Viewbook")

Mystery picture #5



Mystery picture #6
This unmarked photo is in our files - recently found it in Ted Ramsaur's book,
Presbyterian College: The Things that Last published in 1992.

Mystery picture #7 (Homecoming Queen? Names, year?)
We have several photos of this unidentified young man and woman with Dr. Weersing.

Mystery picture #8

Mystery picture #9

Mystery picture #10 (Club or Organization? c. 1949)

Mystery picture #11