February 2012

And In Walked Dr. Frank Dudley Jones!

The archives recently acquired a scrapbook assembled by Jane Sturgeon, who graduated from PC in 1940 and later was a librarian at Duke University for many years.

Jane Sturgeon, from the 1940 Pac Sac

Ms. Sturgeon’s scrapbook contains a wealth of items from her days at the college, among them some amusing anecdotes. A clipping from the Blue Stocking (March 6, 1939, pg. 2) was one of our favorites. The story involves Dr. Frank Dudley Jones, who taught philosophy and psychology at the college for over twenty years.

Dr. F. Dudley Jones

In addition to the fact that it’s a funny story, it is rather amazing to learn how different forms of mental disability were described and dealt with in 1939. As is mentioned in the article the doctor doing the demonstration, Dr. Chapman Milling, was also a PC grad.

Here is the clipping as it appears in the scrapbook:

And in walked Dr. F. Dudley Jones!

Look for more gems from Miss Sturgeon’s scrapbook in coming blogs!