September 2011

Introducing Our Archives Intern

Tyler Todd

“Hello all! My name is Tyler Todd, and I am a senior History and Political Science double major. This fall I will be putting what I have learned in the classroom to the test as I intern at the Archives in the Thomason Library. I am very excited about my work and I look forward to working on several projects this semester. Firstly, I will be helping the Archives in continuing their Bee Mail project. Mrs. Lillian Gross Brown, more commonly known as Mrs. Bee, served as the registrar at PC during the Second World War. She was responsible for circulating a newsletter to those affiliated with the college who were actively serving in the armed forces. These letters were the medium through which soldiers were able to keep in touch with the PC family that we all hold so near and dear to our hearts. I will also be continuing a project of my own, which I began in Summer Fellows. In researching the way in which people remember the Civil War in Laurens, South Carolina and the legacies it has left behind, I have gathered several interviews from a wide variety of people including members of the Ku Klux Klan and Sons of Confederate Veterans. This fall I will be transcribing these recorded interviews and donating them to the Archives along with my finished Honors research paper. Also, I will be gaining a thorough understanding of other archival duties, including cataloguing, display set up, and guiding tours through the Isabel Arnold Collection and Founders’ Library. I am excited to start my work, and I look forward to the coming semester. Also, if you are ever in the library and have a few minutes to spare, come up to the second floor and see what the Archives is all about!”

Tyler will also be blogging about her Archives experience this semester. Here is a link to her blog: