Lillian Dee Gross was born in Tennessee, and graduated from Central High School in Chattanooga and Tennessee State College.  She first came to Presbyterian College as the bride of history professor Marshall W. Brown, who later served as Dean of the College.  She was the college's registrar from 1928 until 1945, when Dr. Brown was named President.  His first official duty was to tell her to go home.  She served as the college's hostess and First Lady until Dr. Brown's retirement in 1963.  Even then, however, she continued to be one of the Collge's greatest boosters until her death in 2001 at the age of 103.  According to her longtime friend G. Edward Campbell,

"She was a genteel lady who came to Clinton as a bride in 1926 and dedicated her life to the welfare of Presbyterian College and its students.  No problem was too small for her to be interested in the solution.  I think the PC Spirit is as much a credit to her love of this institution as anything."

(Laurens County Advertiser, July 27, 2001)

Her Story

How a small envelope reached across the horrors of war and brought men the touch of home and of the reason they toiled on...

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