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Archivists ♥ PC history

February 2014

This month we’re providing a chronological index to the Blue Notes Archive, columns that were primarily written by Nancy Snell Griffith during her years as Archives and Special Collections Librarian here at Presbyterian College.  Several of these columns were written by PC students completing internships in the Archives and by Sarah Leckie, the Archives Assistant.

Vintage Valentine c. 1945
Vintage Valentine c. 1945

February is the month of love and we hope you ♥ PC history as much as we do!  We are sending this index your way to encourage you to delve into the rich history of Presbyterian College and the people associated with our college over the years.

The Blue Notes titles listed below are in chronological order with some grouping of similar titles, while the end of each blue link gives the date each column was published.  We have added terms in [brackets] which describe the subject of the column when the title does not.  Hopefully, these links will make it easier for our readers to browse through our early columns for information about PC People, as well as historical accounts and anecdotes about Presbyterian College. Enjoy!

The Early Days of Presbyterian College

The Legacy of Women at Presbyterian College

The Turbulent 1960s and 70s

Chill Out! [Campus snow scenes]

Rat Season  [Freshman Orientation]

Pranks  [1913, 1960s, 1970s]

Food, Glorious Food!  [PC Food Service]

Christmas at PC

Record of Garden Successes and Failures  [William Plumer Jacobs' garden journal]

Hard Times  [The Great Depression through World War II]

Memories of the 1940s  [William T. Johnson ’47, World War II]

William T. Johnson  [on Charles B. MacDonald, World War II]

How PC Was Different 100 Years Ago Part 1

How PC Was Different 100 Years Ago Part 2  [Social Life at PC]

School Spirit  [Blue Hose name, Scotsman, Alma Mater, Fight Song, Cheers & Cheerleaders]

Football Legends

The College Seal and Motto

Memories of Doyle  [Mark R. McCallum '82, Judy Bolton Jarrett Brown '63, Doylian Society]

Something Rubbed Off  [Charles Joyner ’56, Race Relations at PC between 1952-56]

Art in the Archives

The Founder’s Library  [personal library of college founder, William Plumer Jacobs now housed in the Archives]

Laurensville Female College  [Presbyterian women's school in Laurens, SC between 1843-1890]

George L. Mabry Jr. ‘40 [awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor]

Almon Edwin Spencer  [beloved Professor and twice interim President]

Beating the Heat [air conditioning arrives on campus]

Literary Societies at PC [Eukosmian and Philomathean Societies]                                              

The Jones South Carolina Collection  [Dr. Frank Dudley Jones family book collection in the Archives]

PC vs. Davidson  [Football]

January for the “Greatest Generation” [World War II, Bee Mail Letters collection in the Archives]

Chick Galloway, PC’s First Major Leaguer  [Baseball]

Turner Map Collection  [Marvin S. "Steve" Turner '67, historic South Carolina maps in the Archives]

Charles Woodrow “Swamp Baby” Wilson ’28  [Major League Baseball,  PC Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, 1928 William Laval Medal]

“Two-Gun” Baker  [Ken Baker Jr. ’56, Prof. Kenneth N. Baker, Walter Johnson, 19930s-40s on campus]

Booe Hooe  [Coach Everett Booe, PC's first Athletic coach, Football, Track and Basketball]

Other Brushes with Baseball Glory  [Lou Brissie attended PC '43-44, Coach Carl Vandagrift,  Lawrence “Coon” Weldon ’37, Elton Pollock ’95, Coach Walt Barbare, Coach Claude Crocker, Coach Edward E. Doak

Campus Housing at Presbyterian College          Part I  Part II

Introducing Our Archives Intern  [Tyler Todd '12]

Tyler’s Research  [The Lost Cause, Confederate heritage]

Dr. Anne Austin Young, PC Class of 1910  [first female Ob-Gyn physician in South Carolina]

And In Walked Dr. Frank Dudley Jones!  [Jane Sturgeon ’40 scrapbook]

Martha Duckett Dendy  [African-American woman, Clinton, SC]

“Big Little Celtics”  [Jane Sturgeon ’40 scrapbook, Basketball]

Nancy Snell Griffith  [Biographical sketch written by Teresa Inman upon Nancy's retirement]


Thanks for the memories, Nancy!