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Background Information    
Encyclopedias & Dictionaries   back to top


American Eras, Gale Research, 1998.
Main Level, Reference:
R 973.8 Am35A  [8 vols]

Each era volume has a chapter on education.

Dictionary of American History. Thomson Learning, c2003.
Main Level, Reference:
R 973.03 D561D [10 vols]


Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies, Sage Reference, 2010.

Main Level, Reference: R 375.0003 En19E [2 vols]
A comprehensive introduction to the academic field of curriculum studies for the scholar, student, teacher, and administrator introducing terms, events, documents, biographies, and concepts to assist the reader in understanding aspects of this rapidly changing, expansive, and contested field of study.

Encyclopedia of Education, Macmillan Reference USA, 2003.
Main Level, Reference:
R 370.3 En19E3 [8 vols]


Encyclopedia of American Education. Facts on File, 2001.
Main Level, Reference:
R 370.973 Un3E [3 vols]

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century

[CREDO Reference] The Gale Group, 2007.

Covers all aspects of 19th century history including an extensive chronology, illustrations, maps, original documents, and tables.

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas [GVRL] Charles Scribner's Sons, 2005.
Also available in print Main Level, Reference: R 903 N42N

Education (New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture).. UNC Press, 2011.

Main Level, Reference:  R 975.00321 N42N v.17


Companions & Guides back to top

The American School, 1642-1985: Varieties of Historical Interpretation of the Foundations and Development of American Education, Longman, 1986.

Lower Level: 370.973 Sp82A 

Education of the Negro prior to 1861 [Carter Godwin Woodson], Arno Press, 1968.

Also available in print, Lower Level: 370.9174 W868F 

Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children [CREDO Reference] Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006.
A comprehensive overview of important contemporary issues and the information necessary to make judgments about these issues focusing on research conducted over the past decade.

A History Of Western Education, St Martin’s Press, 1981.

Lower Level: 370.9 B675H [3 vols]

The Oxford Companion to United States History [Oxford Reference Online] Oxford University Press, 2001.

Philosophy of Education: The Key Concepts [EBSCO eBook Collection], Christopher Winch and John Gingell,  Routledge, 2008.

The Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History [CREDO Reference] Houghton Mifflin Co., 1998.
Gathers together many articles to offer a diverse, rich, and often neglected panorama of the nation’s past covering five centuries

Reviewing a Decade of School Desegregation 1966-1975 [National Survey of School Superintendants, 1977.

Historical Pamphlet Collection [Presbyterian College Archives]
Main Level, Copy Center: Microfilm reels 5-19

A-Z by Title or browse contents of each Microfilm reel 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19


Locating Books
THOMCAT   back to top

THOMCAT - Use the online catalog to locate books in Thomason Library. You can search by author, title, keyword, or subject.

  • Search for a person, as AUTHOR or SUBJECT, with last name, first name:              

Coles, Robert [as AUTHOR]

  Washington, Booker T. [as SUBJECT]  
  • SUBJECT searching requires use of Library of Congress subject headings. The terms below are examples of subject headings related to the history of education:
  • Materials relevant to the history of education may also be found by specifying the era or dates, geographic area, or the material type [case studies, encyclopedias, etc.] in which you are interested:
  Education--United States--History
  Education, Higher--United States

Education--Experimental Methods

  Educational change--United States--History--19th century

Learning Disabled--Education--United States

  Public Schools--United States--History

Subject searching is an effective and precise method of searching the catalog, however, KEYWORD searching has benefits, also.

  • Try a KEYWORD if you are unsure of the exact title or the correct subject heading to use. Search using two or three of the most significant words from the title or subject you are trying to find. Place phrases in "quotation marks."

  • Connect words with AND, OR, NOT to focus your search.
  • Try truncation at the end of a word stem to retrieve singular, plural, and other variations of the word.  Use an asterisk (*) to truncate from 1 to 5 characters. Use a double asterisk (**) to include word endings with an unlimited number of characters.
KEYWORD Searching Tips

· Add * to the root of a word to truncate or expand a term:
educat* = educate, educated, educator, education

· Use AND between words to narrow your search:
magnet school* AND South Carolina

· Use OR between words to expand your search and
group words with parentheses:
(high school* OR secondary education ) AND curricul*


Try keyword search tips when searching library
journal article databases, too!



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If you need materials not available at Thomason Library, try your search here to find books in other academic libraries in SC. Through PASCAL Delivers, you can order books online for delivery within 3-4 working days. Click here for searching and ordering tips.


 eBook Collections    

EBSCO eBook Collections

[Includes combined contents of EBSCO eBook

Collection and EBSCO eBook Academic Collection]

Over 100,000 full-text ebooks covering a variety

of disciplines.


ebrary eBook Collection 
Approximatley 70,000 electronic books covering a vast array of topics and themes.



Locating Journal Articles  
Journal Article Databases back to top

The following journal databases are available to PC students, faculty, and staff from on- and off-campus locations. When passworded from off campus locations, supply your PC e-mail account username [i.e. tinman] and password. Search using terms dealing with your topic.


A comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable, Internet-based bibliographic and full-text database of education research and information indexed since 1966

Education Full Text

Content includes in-depth coverage of special education and more than 100,000 controlled and cross-referenced names of educational tests


Academic Search Complete  [EBSCOhost]
Journal and magazine articles from all academic disciplines.


Lexis Nexis-Legal

Legal cases.

Oxford African American Studies Center
A comprehensive online collection focusing on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture. This collection, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University, includes 7,500 articles from core reference works, over 1,000 images, primary sources with specially written commentaries, and over 100 maps that have been collected to enhance the reference content. Also included are over 100 charts and tables offering information on demographics, government, politics, business, labor, education and the arts.

The Atlanta Constitution Archive

[ProQuest Historical Newspapers]
Full-text & full-image articles from 1868-1939.

The New York Times Archive

[ProQuest Historical Newspapers]
Allows you to search and display the full image of articles published in the New York Times back to 1851. The two+ most recent years are not included.



America’s Historical Newspapers [NewsBank]

Provides unprecedented access to the nation’s early periods, Early American Newspapers, Series I enables researchers to explore essential newspapers from 23 states and the District of Columbia. Search by date, presidential era, eras in American History, or enter a custom date range. Select specific titles or search publications by state.



In January 1995, the leadership of the 104th Congress directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. Search bills, senate roll call votes, resolutions, congressional activity, treaties, etc.


Key Journals   back to top

American Educational History Journal

History of Education

History of Education Journal

History of Education Quarterly

Social Science History

Journal Finder  

Journal Finder provides access to PC's electronic and print journals, magazines, and newspapers in one convenient location.

Browse Journal Finder by title or subject. When browsing or searching, you can read articles from any journal that is available in the Full-text resources online group of results. Choose a database in this group based on the dates available and the time frame in which you are interested.

Web Sites back to top


19th Century Schoolbooks [University of Pittsburgh]

140 schoolbooks from the Nietz Old Textbook Collection, as well as the full-text of The Evolution of American Secondary School Textbooks, 1966. The entire texts of all books in the collection can be searched. Searches will retrieve every title containing the search term. Clicking on a title link recovers bibliographic information about the book and a list of pages where the search term was located. Choosing a link to an individual page displays an image of the page.

Nietz Logo


America at Work, America at Leisure: Motion Pictures from 1894-1915 [American Memory Project, Library of Congress]

Work, school, and leisure activities in the United States from 1894 to 1915 are featured in this presentation of 150 motion pictures which include calisthenic and gymnastic exercises in schools. Search by keyword (school exercise, etc.) and view motion pictures in Real Media, MPEG, or QuickTime.

American Educational History: A Hypertext Timeline [Edmund Sass, St. John’s University]

Blackwell Museum [College of Education, Northern Illinois University]

The Blackwell collection contains over 11,000 textbooks that were used in schools, some more than 400 years old, including hornbooks, battledores, primers, and readers as well as many other texts and reference materials. In addition, the collection contains slates, pens, inkwells, samplers, prints, student work, report cards, and a variety of other documents, as well as a sizable collection of oral histories and technology used for educational purposes. The Blackwell further boasts a permanent, life-size display of a dame school, which is a school where a woman would teach children their letters in her kitchen while she did housework.

Artifacts, Educational Technology Historical Collection, Milan One Room Schoolhouse & Sample Lesson Plans 1900s provide more info.


Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection [American Memory Project, Library of Congress]

Images documenting the settlement of the northern Great Plains (particularly northeastern North Dakota) ranging from early sod homes to farming scenes, small town life, social events, and education on the prairie. See “Schooling” link in header.

Gettysburg College Special Collections: Primers

The New England Primer 1805

The New England Primer 1807

Historical Publications of the United States Commission on Civil Rights- Education [Thurgood Marshall Law Library Collection, University of Maryland]

Digital collection of reports in .pdf format.


History of American Education Web Project
[Robert N. Barger]


Originally undertaken as a class assignment by members of an undergraduate Foundations of Education class, students researched topics which were edited by the professor who then created and formatted the Web pages, and linked the reports to them. Students in subsequent sessions of this class have continued to contribute material to the project. It should be noted that, during editing, the instructor did not


change the content of the reports. Many of the sources which the students used contained a rather triumphalist view of American Educational History and the students' reports tended to reflect that view. The instructor would have liked to add some balance to these triumphalist views, but for a number of reasons he did not.

History of Education: Selected Moments of the 20th Century

[Daniel Schugurensky] 

A site about education during the 20th century, organized by decades including short descriptions of 'educational episodes' that took place in that period. The episode in question could be a policy, a court case, a piece of legislation, a scholarly article, a theory, a project, a research report, an incident, the release of a book, a speech, an empirical finding, a tragedy, an accomplishment, a conference, the opening or a closure of an institution, a movie, an anecdote, or anything, big or small, that tells us something about education theory, policy, politics, research or practice during the last century.


Literature for Children [State University System of Florida PALMM Project]

A collection of digitized children’s titles published, predominantly in the United States and Great Britain from the 17th through the 20th centuries. Collection is of international significance for researchers who study the historical, cultural, social and literary aspects of children's literature. More than half of the volumes collected here are unique among collections of children's literature elsewhere. Search by word (i.e. alphabet, spelling), or browse by title or author and view covers, text, and illustrations.


Making of America [Andrew W. Mellon Foundation]

A digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction, this collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The collection currently contains approximately 10,000 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints. Browsable by subject (i.e. Education-Indiana).


The Kansas One Room Schoolhouse Project [Southwestern College, Winfield Kansas]

Includes the ORSH list, sorted by county (a compilation of rural schools), the ORSH galleries of images of schools and students, and the ORSH library of school house histories.

The One Room Schoolhouse Center

A compilation of historical one-room school resources
throughout North America that are available on the internet from the north-east to the south-west. (many broken links)

School Integration Timeline [NEA]

1954-2004 and beyond.

School: the Story of American Public Education [PBS]

DVD set available Lower Level: DVD 370.973 Sch65S + booklet 370.973 Sch65S

Ten years in the making, SCHOOL journeys through history and across the nation, weaving archival footage, on-site coverage, rare interviews and expert commentary into an unprecedented portrait of America’s great education experiment.

Women's Education Evolves, 1790-1890 [Clements Library, University of Michigan]

Digitized selections of key primary source materials, such as letters from students and women teachers, diaries of missionary teachers, various schoolbooks, sermons, and catalogs. Manuscript materials have been transcribed.

These rich resources are organized around themes of: Colonial Heritage, Female Curriculum, Student Life, Teaching, Religion, Race, Culture, and Academies & Seminaries.

Segregation Primary Sources:

Brown vs. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954)
Supreme Court Opinion. From Findlaw.


Brown vs. Board of Education
Overview, 'myths versus truths,' virtual exhibit, and research sources. From the Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and Research.


Segregation and Civil Rights
Brief audio clip of Justice Thurgood Marshall speaking in 1978 at Howard University Law School. From National Public Radio (NPR).


Online & Print Statistical Sources back to top


American Fact Finder [U.S. Census Bureau]
Select query elements to create maps and view data tables based on Census 2000, the 1990 Census, the American Community Survey, and the Economic Census. See definitions of the major geographic units for which census data is available.

Annual Reports to the Secretary of the Board of Education of Massachusetts, 1839-1844, Horace Mann, 1891. [Stanford University Library]

Reports including Employment of Female Teachers; The Effect of Education Upon the Worldly Fortunes of Men; The Effect of Reading on the Formation of Character, Public Libraries, Union Schools, Reasons Why School District Libraries Should Be Established.


The Condition of Education  [Institute of Education Sciences, NCES]

A congressionally mandated report that provides an annual portrait of education in the United States. There are 49 indicators in this year's report covering all aspects of education, including early childhood through postsecondary education, student achievement and educational outcomes, and school environments and resources.

Historical Census Browser [University of Virginia Library]

Includes education & literacy statistics drawn from historical volumes of the U.S. Census of Population and Housing from 1790-1960. Examine state and county topics for individual census years or over time; generate tables and maps of selected data.


Historical Statistics of the US, Colonial Times to 1970, Bureau of the Census, 1975. Bicentennial ed.
Main Level, Reference:
R 317.3 Un3H [2 vols]


Historical Statistics of the States of the United States: Two Centuries of the Census, 1790-1990, Greenwood Press, 1993.
Main Level, Reference:
R 317.3 H629H


National Center for Education Statistics [U.S. Department of Education]

NCES is primary federal entity collecting and analyzing education-related data for the United States and other nations. The catalog can be searched to locate NCES publications and data products, many full-text or available for download, including The Condition of Education and The Digest of Education Statistics.



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