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English 318: Legends of Arthur

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Mercy [Lancelot on his horse sparing the fallen Arthur].

William Dyce (1848). Fresco, Queen's Robing Room,

Palace of Westminster, London. Poi

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Background Information Sources    
Encyclopedias & Dictionaries   back to top

The Arthurian Name Dictionary.
Christopher W. Bruce.  Garland, 1999.
Main Level, Reference:
R 942.01 B83A

A Dictionary of Celtic Mythology [Oxford Reference Online]. James MacKillop.

Oxford University Press, c2003

Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature. [CREDO Reference database]. edited by Robert Thomas Lambdin and Laura Cooner Lambdin.  Greenwood Press, 2000.

Also available in print: Main Level, Reference: R 809.02 En19E

The New Arthurian Encyclopedia.  Norris J. Lacy, editor. Garland Pub., 1996. 
Main Level, Reference:
R 809.93351 N42N

Handbooks, Guides, & Companions   back to top

The Arthurian Handbook. 
2nd ed.  Norris J. Lacy and Geoffrey Ashe, with Debra N. Mancoff.  Garland Pub., 1997.   Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 809.93351 L119A

Contains: Chronology, Genealogy, Heraldry, Origins, Early Arthurian Literature, Modern Arthurian Literature, Arthure in the Arts, and an Arthurian Glossary.

The King Arthur Companion: The Legendary World of Camelot and the Round Table as Revealed by the Tales Themselves... 
Phyllis Ann Karr. Reston Pub., 1983.

Main Level, Reference: R 823.2 K148K

Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.  Michael Burgess and Lisa R. Bartle. Libraries Unlimited, 2002. 2nd ed. Main Level, Reference: R 016.8093 B912R

Includes chapter on "Arthurian Fiction."

Oxford Companion to World Mythology [Oxford Reference Online]


The Oxford Guide to Arthurian Literature and Legend. Alan Lupack. Oxford University Press, 2005. Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 809.93351 L973O

Literary Criticism Collections   back to top

Literature Resource Center [Thomson Gale]

Online access to Contemporary Authors, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, and full-text articles from more than 250 literary journals.

Bibliographies   back to top

The Arthurian Annals: The Tradition in English from 1250  

  to 2000.  Daniel P. Nastali and Phillip C. Boardman. Oxford University 

  Press, 2004. (2 volumes).
  Main Level, Reference:
R 016.398352 N189A

  Annotated listings for over 11,000 works (mostly primary texts, including   

   fiction, drama, poetry, films, music, etc.).
  Volume 1 is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by author within 

  the year.
  Volume 2 contains the following indexes for Volume 1: People, Titles, Forms &   

   Genres, Characters, Cultures, Places, Themes/Motifs/Artefacts/Events,     

   Source Languages.


The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester: Arthurian Texts, Images, Bibliographies, and Basic Information. Designed by Alan Lupack and Barbara Tepa Lupack.

The Historical Arthur: A Bibliography. (An Arthuriana/Camelot Project Bibliography) P.J.C. Field.

Adaptations   back to top

Taliesin's Successors: Interviews with Authors of Modern Arthurian Literature. Page from the Camelot Project (University of Rochester). 

The Oxford Guide to Arthurian Literature and Legend. Alan Lupack. Oxford University Press, 2005. Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 809.93351 L973O

SEE ALSO:   The Arthurian Annals: The Tradition in English from 1250 to 2000. (listed above under Bibliographies).


Biographical Sources   back to top


Arthurian Writers : A Biographical Encyclopedia.

Laura C. and Robert T. Lambdin. Greenwood Press, 2008.

[EBSCO ebook Academic Collection]

Biography in Context [Thomson Gale]
Contains biographical information on over one million individuals from all time periods, geographical locations, and fields of endeavor. The "Biographical Facts Search" allows searching for people based on one or more personal facts, such as occupation.

Literature Resource Center [Thomson Gale]

Online access to Contemporary Authors, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, and full-text articles from more than 250 literary journals.


Writing Guides   back to top

Humanities: Documenting Sources
[Research and Documentation Online], Bedford/St. Martins, 2003.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Modern Language Association, 2009.
Main Level, Ready Reference Shelf and Reference Collection: R 808.02 M72M

Writing Center, Presbyterian College
Citation styles, writing guides, and scheduling an appointment with a tutor.

Locating Books   back to top

THOMCAT - Use the online catalog to locate books in Thomason Library. You can search by author, title, keyword, or subject.

  • Search for a person, as AUTHOR or SUBJECT, with last name first (for more modern authors)             
ThomCat (Thomason Library Catalog)
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury), 1906-1964


 Loomis, Roger Sherman, 1887-1966  [as AUTHOR]  
 Malory Thomas Sir 15th Century  [as AUTHOR]  
 Malory Thomas Sir 15th Century  [as SUBJECT]  
Malory, Thomas, Sir, 15th cent. Morte d'Arthur [as SUBJECT, specific work  
Chrétien, de Troyes, 12th cent. -- Criticism and interpretation [as SUBJECT]  
PASCAL Delivers Catalog
Chrétien, de Troyes, 12th cent. -- Criticism and interpretation  [as SUBJECT]
Malory, Thomas, Sir, 15th cent.  [as SUBJECT]
  • SUBJECT searching requires use of Library of Congress subject headings. The terms below are examples of subject headings related to biology:


English literature -- Middle English, 1100-1500 -- History and criticism  
Arthur, King  
Arthur, King -- Legends  

Arthurian romances -- History and criticism

Arthurian romances  
Arthurian romances -- Adaptations  
Gawain (Legendary character) -- Romances -- History and criticism  
Grail -- Romances -- History and criticism  
Merlin (Legendary character) -- Romances
Guenevere, Queen (Legendary character) -- Romances -- History and criticism  

Subject searching is an effective and precise method of searching the catalog, however, KEYWORD searching has benefits, also.

  • Try a KEYWORD search using two or three of the most significant words from the title or subject you are trying to find if you are unsure of the exact title or the correct subject heading to use. Place phrases in "quotation marks."
  • Connect words with AND, OR, NOT to focus your search.
  • Try truncation at the end of a word stem to retrieve singular, plural, and other variations of the word.  Use an asterisk (*) to truncate from 1 to 5 characters. Use a double asterisk (**) to include word endings with an unlimited number of characters.
KEYWORD Searching Tips

Use truncation (asterisk *) to retrieve singular, plural, and other variations of a word stem, and to BROADEN your search.

arthur* = arthur, arthur's arthurian, arthuriana, etc.

· Use AND between words to narrow your search:
galahad AND holy grail
· Use OR between words to expand your search terms

Vulgate Cycle OR Lancelot-Grail Cycle

guinevere OR guenevere OR guenievre OR ginevra OR gwenhwyfar

perceval OR perlesvaus

Group "OR" terms with parentheses when combined with an "AND" statement
Arthur* AND (myth* OR legend*)

Try KEYWORD searching with THOMCAT, other library catalogs & journal article databases.


eBook Collections back to top


Collection of over 70,000 ebooks, covering a variety of disciplines.

Arthurian Literature : Arthurian Literature XXVII
Eds. Elizabeth Archibald & David F. Johnson..Suffolk, GBR: Boydell & Brewer, 2010.


EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

Collection of over 80,000 ebooks, covering a variety of disciplines.

Lambdin, Laura C., and Robert T. Lambdin. Arthurian Writers : A Biographical Encyclopedia. Westport, CT.: Greenwood Press, 2008 Larrington, Carolyne. King Arthur's Enchantresses : Morgan And Her Sisters In Arthurian Tradition. London: I.B. Tauris, 2006.



EBSCO eBook Collection

Collection of over 11,000 ebooks, covering a variety of disciplines.  Over 8,000 of the titles have been published since 2005.

Lambdin, Laura C., and Robert T. Lambdin. Camelot In The Nineteenth Century : Arthurian Characters In The Poems Of Tennyson, Arnold, Morris, And Swinburne: Greenwood Press, 2000

PASCAL Delivers back to top

PASCAL Catalog - If you need books in addition to those found at Thomason Library, try your search here for books in other academic libraries in SC. Through PASCAL Delivers, you can order books online for delivery within 3-4 working days. This service for current PC students, faculty, and staff is a project of PASCAL- Partnership Among SC Academic Libraries. Borrowers will be notified by e-mail when requested items arrive at Thomason Library. Click here for searching and ordering tips.

WorldCat & Interlibrary Loan back to top

WorldCat – A catalog of books and materials at libraries worldwide. Try searching here to find ALL books available on a topic. Materials available at Thomason Library are highlighted and others can be borrowed through ILL or searched in PASCALCAT.

Interlibrary Loan - ILL is available to PC students, faculty and staff in order to share resources between libraries. Check link for instructions.

Locating Articles:  
Journal Article Databases back to top

The following journal databases are available to PC students, faculty, & staff

from on- and off-campus locations. 
Click here for search tips.

Academic Search Complete  [EBSCOhost]
  Scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journa Journal and magazine articles from all academic disciplines.

  Archive of journals including the Arts & Sciences. Most articles are full  text. Provides backfiles to volume one for many of the journals in this collection. JSTOR provides backfiles to volume one for
many of the journals in this collection.

MLA International Bibliography  [EBSCOhost]     Indexes critical literary and language scholarship and provides access to journals and serials published worldwide, as well as books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographies. Nearly 45,000 records are added annually.

Project MUSE Basic Undergraduate Collection  
Current and recent volumes of 112 core journals in the humanities and social sciences.

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance    "Iter, meaning a journey or a path in Latin, is a not-for-profit partnership dedicated to the advancement of learning in the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) through the development and distribution of online resources" [from website].

  The Iter Bibliography contains over 1.1 million citations for secondary source material about the European Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Key Journals back to top

ELH (English Literary History)
Scholarly articles on English and American literature as well as history and other disciplines.

Essays in Medieval Studies

Each volume has had a thematic focus based on the theme or topic of the annual meeting of Illinois Medieval Association.

Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe 
Focuses on North-western Europe during the early medieval period (from the early 4th through 13th centuries).  Seeks to foster dialogue between all scholars of this period across ethnic and disciplinary boundaries, including—but not limited to—history, archaeology, and literature pertaining to the period.

Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Topics include art, literature, theater, music, philosophy, theology, and history.

Mediaeval Studies 

The annual journal published by the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. The journal was established in 1939 and from the outset its purpose has been the publication of research on the Middle Ages by scholars throughout the world, particularly research involving unedited manuscript and archival material. Most volumes are divided into three sections: “Texts ” includes extensive editions with substantial introductions; “Articles” includes studies based on unedited or edited documents and texts and also includes studies of other monuments of medieval culture; “Mediaevalia” consists of notices or short articles on specific documents or topics. 

MLN       See also Modern Language Notes (earlier title)

 Modern Language Review

Modern Philology

PMLA: Publications of the Modern Language Association of America

Review of English Studies

Speculum: A Journal of Mediæval Studies
Publishes articles and book reviews on any and all aspects of the Middle Ages, including art, history, literature, philosophy and theology, music, science, law, and economics.

Studies in English Literature
Focuses on four fields of British Literature which rotate quarterly as follows: Winter-English Renaissance, Spring - Tudor and Stuart Drama, Summer-Restoration and Eighteenth Century, and Autumn - Nineteenth Century with historical and critical essays which contribute to the understanding of English Literature.

Studies in Philology 
"Addresses scholars in a wide range of disciplines, though traditionally its strength has been English Medieval and Renaissance studies. SIP publishes articles on British literature before 1900 and on relations between British literature and works in the Classical, Romance, and Germanic Languages.

Journal Finder back to top

Journal Finder provides access to

PC's electronic and print journals, magazines, and newspapers

in one convenient location.

Browse Journal Finder by title or subject. When browsing or searching, you can read articles from any journal that is available in the Full-text resources online group of results. Choose a database in this group based on the dates available and the time frame in which you are interested.

Library article databases are inter-connected by Journal Finder, which will lead you to the full-text of an article when available.

Image Sources  
Subscription Image Databases back to top

ARTstor Image Database Left: Tournament Before Arthur. Musicians in gallery with recorder, shawm, and clarion. Guiron le Courtois. Folio 016r. Bodleian Library.
Above: Merlin and Vivien. Sir Edward Burne-ARTstor Image Database

Left: Two Knights Do Battle Before Cameliard. Howard Pyle, The Story of King Arthur And His Knights pen & ink, 1903. ARTstor Image Database    Right: Vivien and Merlin (albumen print). Julia Margaret Cameron (photographer). CAMIO (Catalog of Art Images Online)


Initiated at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the ARTstor Digital Library is comprised of approximately 300,000 digital images of visual material from different time-periods, cultures, and disciplines derived from several source collections that are the product of collaborations with libraries, museums, photographic archives, publishers, slide libraries, and individual scholars.  These source collections include The Carnegie Arts of the U. S., The Huntington Archive of Asian Art, The Illustrated Bartsch, The Mellon International Dunhuang Archive, and The Museum of Modern Art (New York) Architecture and Design Collection. ARTstor provides a wide range of visual materials for educational and scholarly use, and broader access to images of important art, architecture, design and archeological objects.
Bridgeman Art Library Archive
[CREDO Reference]. Bridgeman Art Library, 2008. 

See also:  The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester  Arthurian Texts, Images, Bibliographies, and Basic Information.

Internet Sources: back to top
Arthurian Studies Sites  

An Arthurian Miscellany
  The Internet Sacred Texts Archive. Maintained by John B. Hare. " This is a collection of Arthurian literature: poetry, drama and essays, written after the main canon, principally in the 18th through early 20th centuries. The files are arranged by author and date of publication. These works were all originally published prior to 1923 and hence are in the public domain in the United States" (from website). Provides the full-text of over 200 works.

Thomas Green's Arthurian Resources

The Arthurian Resources site was founded in 1998 and is concerned with current academic research into the early Arthurian legend, especially its Welsh manifestations. A variety of material and information is archived and made freely available here; it is indexed below into the following categories.

Recent Publications provides details of some of my own recent academic publications, in which more detailed analyses of various aspects of the Arthurian legend and post-Roman British history can be found. The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur consists of an archived review article of this title, which gathers together scholarship on the sources for a 'historical Arthur'.  Arthurian Notes and Queries contains fairly detailed and fully-referenced articles and essays on the Welsh Arthurian legend, which are made freely available online. The Arthuriad offers brief studies and resource books relating to some of the more obscure but interesting aspects of the medieval and later legend. Finally, Miscellaneous Observations supplies a variety of more informal thoughts on Arthurian issues and answers to some of the most common questions. (from website).

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies

Sponsored by Georgetown University. 

Brittania History: King Arthur   The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester Arthurian Texts, Images, Bibliographies, and Basic Information. Designed by Alan Lupack and Barbara Tepa Lupack.

King Arthur, A Man for the Ages: Explorations in the History and Legends of Arthur 

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