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SPANISH 458 Course Guide: Cultures of Terror (Southern Cone)
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Disappeared: The First Junta: (l to rt) Adm. Emilio Massera (Navy), Gen. Jorge Videla (Army), Brig. Orlando Agosti (Air Force). Photograph, 1983.

Image source: ARTstor Image Database

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Reference Sources  
Encyclopedias   back to top

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures, Routledge, 2000.    Main Level, Reference: R 972.9003 En19E [3 vols] 

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture [Gale World History in Context] Scribner's: Macmillan Library Reference USA, c1996.
Also available in print, Main Level, Reference:

R 980.003 En19E  [5 vols]

Select Reference from above the search box to find information in this source.


Encyclopedia of the Peoples of the World
, Holt, 1993.
Main Level, Reference:
R 305.8003 En19E
Includes population figures, location, language, religion, main economic occupations and some history on contemporary peoples and ethnic groups of the world. Index includes alternate spellings, alternate names, and cross-references to additional information. 

The Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and the Right
[SAGE eReference] Rodney P. Carlisle, editor. SAGE Publications, 2005

Encyclopedia of Religion [Gale Virtual Reference Library], Macmillan Reference, 2005.
Also available in print,
Main Level, Reference: R 200.3 En19E [14 vols]

Encyclopedia of Terrorism [SAGE eReference], Harvey W. Kushner, Sage Publications, 2003.

Also available in print, Main Level, Reference: R 303.625 K968E 

For print version, use index in back of book to find specific topics. Examples: Entries listed under "Chile" include Manuel Rodriquez Patriotic Front (FPMR); Pinochet regime; and "Movement of the Revolutionary Left."


Encyclopedia of World Cultures. Vol.7: South America [History Resource Center: World], G.K. Hall Pub., 1994.

Also available in print, Main Level, Reference: R 306.097 En19E  [10 vols] 1991-1996

Select Reference from above the search box to find information in this source.

Lists and describes more than 1,500 global cultures including specific tribes and indigenous groups. Based on research of social scientists, it is the source for historical, social, political, economic, linguistic, religious, and other information on virtually every existing culture. Volumes 7 and 8 cover South America and Middle America and the Caribbean.

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Garland Publishing, 1998-c2002.
Main Level, Reference:
R 780.9 G183G [10 vols, plus 10 music CDs]

Tells the story of music, culture by culture. Each volume includes an overview of the region, a survey of its musical heritage, traditions and themes; and a description of specific musical genres, practices, and performances. A compact disc of music by region accompanies each volume (in back of book).

History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide  [History Resource Center: World] Gale Group, c 2001-2003.
Select Reference from above the search box to find information in this source.

The Latino Encyclopedia, Marshall Cavendish, c1996.
Main Level, Reference: R 973.0468 L349L [6 vols] 

St. James Guide to Hispanic Artists: Profiles of Latino and Latin American Artists, St. James Press, c2002.  
Main Level, Reference: R 704.0368 Sa22S 

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life, Gale, c1998.  
Main Level, Reference: R 305.8003 W893W  [4 vols] 
Provides information on 500 cultures of the world, covering twenty different areas of daily life including clothing, food, language, and religion.

Book Cover
Encyclopedia of World Poverty Bookcover

Cassell's Peoples, Nations, Cultures [Credo Reference], Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2005.

A fascinating and informative guide to the myriad discrete ethnic and cultural groupings that have inhabited our planet over the past 6000 years. It presents - in a simple and easy-to-follow A to Z structure within five regionally based sections (The Americas, Africa, Europe, South and Central Asia and the Middle East, and East and Southeast Asia and Oceania) - clear, concise and readable histories of a significant number of peoples, nations and cultures.

DISCovering World History [History Resource Center: World], Gale Research, 1997.
Select Reference from above the search box to find information in this source.

Encyclopedia of World Poverty [SAGE eReference], SAGE Publications, 2006.

Handbook of Latin American Literature, Garland Pub., 1992.  
Upper Level, Circulating Collection: H860.9 H191H

Handbooks, Companions, Country Studies back to top

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Latin American Culture, Cambridge University Press, 2004.    

Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 980.03 C144C


The Argentina Reader: History, Culture, Politics, Duke University Press, 2002.
Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 982 Ar37A

Area Handbook Series  History, government & politics, geography, society.
South American area handbooks available for checkout @ PC:


Chile: A Country Study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, 1994.

Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 983 C437C  

Paraguay: A Country Study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress; edited by Dennis M. Hanratty and Sandra W. Meditz  U.S. G.P.O., 1990. Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 989.2 P212P

Uruguay: A Country Study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, 1992.

Upper Level, Circulating Collection: 989.5 Ur8U  


ELECTRONIC RESCountry Studies [Library of Congress]

Most country studies are available online at this site. See also Area Handbook Series titles available in print at Thomason Library.


Literary Criticism & Theory   back to top

Modern Latin-American Fiction Writers, Second series, William Luis and Ann Gonzalez, editors, Dictionary of Literary Biography, v. 145, Gale, 1994.

Main Level, Reference: R 809 D561D v. 145

Collisions with History : Latin American Fiction and Social Science from "El Boom" to "The New World Order," Frederick M. Nunn, Ohio University Center for International Studies, 2001. Upper Level, Circulating Collection:  H863.6409 N923C

The Cambridge Companion to the Latin American Novel,  Efraín Kristal, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2005.
Upper Level, Circulating Collection:
 H863.09 C144C  

Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature, Verity Smith, editor., Fitzroy Dearborn Pub., 1997. Main Level, Reference: R 860.03 En19E

Mito y Archivo : Una Teoría de la Narrativa Latinoamericana, Robero González Echevarría, [traducción de Virginia Aguirre Muñoz] Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2000. 
Upper Level, Circulating Collection:
  H863.09 G589M

Citation Style back to top

Humanities: Documenting Sources [Research and Documentation Online], Bedford/St. Martins, 2003.

Online MLA style manual with guidelines and examples.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th edition, Modern Language Association, 2003.
Main Level, Reference: R 808.02 M72M [2 copies, Reference Desk & Reference Collection ]

Writing Center, Presbyterian College
Citation styles, writing guides, and scheduling an appointment with a tutor.

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Use the online catalog to locate books in Thomason Library. You can search by author, title, keyword, or subject.

  • Search for a person, as AUTHOR or SUBJECT, with last name, then first name:              
  Alexander, Robert Jackson   [as AUTHOR]
  Pinochet Ugarte, Augusto     [as SUBJECT]

  • SUBJECT searching requires use of Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). The terms below are examples of subject headings related to Hispanic culture:
  Chile Politics And Government 1970 1973  
  Chile Politics And Government 1973 1988  
  Dictatorship Chile  
  Argentina Politics And Government 1955 1983  
  Civil Military Relations Argentina History 20th Century  
  Southern Cone of South America -- Relations -- United States  
  Latin America Politics And Government 1948  
  Peron Juan Domingo 1895 1974  
  Human Rights Latin America  
  Chile History Coup Detat 1973  
  The following subject headings are included in the PASCAL catalog:  
  Uruguay Politics And Government 1973 1985  

State-sponsored terrorism -- Latin America


Subject searching is an effective and precise method of searching the catalog, however, KEYWORD searching has benefits, also.

  • Try a KEYWORD search if you are unsure of the exact title or the correct subject heading to use. Search using two or three of the most significant words from the title or subject you are trying to find. Place phrases in "quotation marks."

  • Connect words with AND, OR, NOT to focus your search.

  • Try truncation at the end of a word stem to retrieve singular, plural, and other variations of the word.  Use an asterisk (*) to truncate from 1 to 5 characters. Use a double asterisk (**) to include word endings with an unlimited number of characters.
KEYWORD Searching Tips

· Add * to the root of a word to truncate

or expand a term:
cultur* = culture, cultures, cultural

· Use AND between words to narrow your search:
   AND  cultur*

· Use OR between synonyms or related terms to expand your search:
Manuel Rodriquez Patriotic Front OR FPMR

Try KEYWORD searching with ThomCat, other library catalogs & library databases.

PASCAL Catalog -If you need books in addition to those found at Thomason Library, try your search here for books in other academic libraries in SC. Through PASCAL Delivers you can order books online for delivery within 3-4 working days. This service for current PC students, faculty, and staff is a project of PASCAL- Partnership Among SC Academic Libraries. Borrowers will be notified by e-mail when requested items arrive at Thomason Library. Click here for searching and ordering tips.

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The Dictator’s Shadow: Life Under Augusto Pinochet [NY Times Topics]

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Academic Search Premier  [EBSCOhost]Pascal Logo

Search for journal and magazine articles in ALL academic disciplines.

Gale Biography in Context [Thomson Gale]

Search for a person by name or search for people who fit a profile based on personal facts such as birth and death year, nationality, ethnicity, occupation or gender, or combine criteria to create a highly-targeted custom search. Includes biography and full-text articles from hundreds of periodicals.

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context [Thomson Gale]

Browse viewpoints, articles, news, statistics on Human Rights, Illegal Immigrants, Emmigration & Immigration, Poverty, Racism, and more. Choose a topic or enter search terms.

MLA International Bibliography  [EBSCOhost]
Use for literature and language topics. Indexes critical literary and language scholarship and provides access to journals and serials published worldwide, as well as books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographies. Nearly 45,000 records are added annually.

An archive of over 350 full-text journals which can be searched at this site. Other PC databases link to JSTOR articles through Journal Finder, which guides the user to full-text articles. As an archive, JSTOR does not provide the most current three to five year issues of the journals as specified by the publishers in their agreements with JSTOR.

Project MUSE Basic Undergraduate Collection  
Current and recent volumes of 112 core journals in the humanities and social sciences.

Newspaper Article Databases   back to top

The New York Times Archive [ProQuest Historical Newspapers]
Full-text & full-image of NYT articles with coverage from 1851 up to three years ag

News - LexisNexis
Full-text U.S. & international newspapers & news magazines.

Journal Finder back to top

Journal Finder provides access to PC's electronic and print journals,

magazines, and newspapers in one convenient location.

Your search results in PC article databases contain many direct links to article full-text.

If no direct links are shown, follow the
"Check Journal Finder"
link to find full-text (follow steps below).



Example of an article citation:

Chitra Ragavan, Terror on the streets,

U.S. News & World Report 137.21 [vol.issue]
(Dec 13, 2004): p 20.


If you already have a citation and are trying to find the article, click the link below and follow the steps to determine whether full-text is available for the article you need:


  1. Note the date of the journal issue you need before following Journal Finder link.
  2. Type the title of the journal or magazine in the "Browse Journals by Title" box (example:US News & World Report).
  3. You may need to select your title from the results. Click on the title you seek.
  4. Note the dates available online for that journal. If "Full Text Online" is not available, look under "Full Text in your Library" - we may have what you need in print.
  5. Click on a database that covers the date you need.
  6. Choose, year and issue OR volume and issue, then look through contents of that issue for the article you need. Articles are usually listed in page number order.
  7. Full text articles are usually in HTML or PDF format. Click on a link to view the article. If you have questions, please contact a Reference Librarian.


ELECTRONIC RES Internet Resources back to top

Disappeared: Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Photograph, 1980s. ARTstor Image Database

CDyA:  Centro Documentacion y Archivo para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos

This database is the result of an agreement of cooperation to preserve and make public the files of the "Archive of Terror" signed between the Supreme Court of Paraguay, the Catholic University of Asunción and The National Security Archive, a public interest documentation center located at George Washington University. To provide maximum access to the CDyA holdings that carry multinational interest, the Supreme Court of Paraguay has authorized the inclusion of 246 document images pertaining specifically to Operation Condor. The selection of these documents has been made with the criteria of providing maximum access to the documentation, the technical limitations of publishing a vast collection of digital documents online, and respect for the privacy of individuals named in these records.

All records in the database have been indexed in Spanish. The vast majority of the documents themselves are in Spanish; a few in Portuguese and other languages.”  (from “About the Collection” page).

CountryWatch [Library subscription]
A world leader in providing country specific geopolitical intelligence on each of the countries of the world with demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information in the form of Country ReviewsTM, daily news coverage from several regional news services for every country, CountryWatch Data, the CountryWatch Map Gallery, the weekly Political Intelligence Briefing and the associated Intelligence Wire.

Human Rights Watch: Latin America pages  [Human Rights Watch]
An independent, non-governmental organization, HRW is the largest human rights organization based in the United States. HRW researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of the world, then publishes those findings in dozens of books and reports every year, generating extensive coverage in local and international media. Use navigation links on right side of page to select a specific country.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) [University of Texas at Austin]

This site provides information, research, discussion, and analysis of religion in Latin America. It serves as a gateway for information on the Roman Catholic Church as a historical, social and political actor in Latin America from colonial times to the present. Also provides information on non-Catholic religiosity in Latin America, with special emphasis on mainline Protestantism, Pentecostalism, and Mormonism, as well as Judaism and Islam. Includes links to sources about specific countries, many in Spanish. Use the Site Map to select subjects or countries.

Political Database of the Americas   The Political Database of the Americas (PDBA) is a non-governmental project of the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at Georgetown University in collaboration with institutions like the Secretariat for Political Affairs of the Organization of American States and FLACSO-Chile, and also with the support of other organizations and entities in the



Latino Art and Design

Latino History and Culture [Encyclopedia Smithsonian, Smithsonian Institution]

NACLA-Knowledge Beyond Borders [North American Congress on Latin America]

An independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1966 that works toward a world in which the nations and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean are free from oppression and injustice, and enjoy a relationship with the United States based on mutual respect, free from economic and political subordination. To that end, our mission is to provide information and analysis on the region, and on its complex and changing relationship with the United States. This site provides English-language news and analysis not found anywhere else—for journalists, policymakers, activists, students and scholars in North America and throughout the world.
See also journal NACLA Report on the Americas: print & online availability through Journal Finder.

Public Domain Databases-Latin American [NMSU]

Resources listed at this site are generally available without cost to the end user. They provide access to organized bodies of data useful for Latin American research. These may provide full-text articles, statistical information, or bibliographic citations. In some cases, the public access version of the database will provide a lower level of information (citations and abstracts only). Some of these databases are created and maintained by government agencies or other public entities (universities) and provided free on the internet.



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