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Art:  Archived Guide Pages

Class # Course Professor
  ART 120  Basic 2-D Design Ann Stoddard
ART 257 History of Women in Art Crary
  ART 258 Art and Architecture in Spain [cross-listed with Spanish 258/458]
ART 352 Renaissance & Baroque Art Crary
  ART 458 Design II: Color Theory   Ann Stoddard
  ARTH 220     Art in Italy, 1400 - 1700  Crary
  ARTH 450

Rethinking Primitivism       

Education:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  SPED 305 Reading for Special Education  
English:  Archived Guide Pages  
Class # Course Professor
  ENGL 105

English for International Students: Exploring the American South 

T. Nolan
  ENGL 110 Toni Morrison's Beloved Simpson
  ENGL 110 Myths of Gender Stutts
  ENGL 111 Introduction to the Fairy Tale Stutts
  ENGL 111 Introduction to the Novel: Jane Austen Simpson
  ENGL 201 Survey of British Literature I  Simpson, Brent
  ENGL 258 African-American Literature McGehee
  ENGL 305 Eighteenth Century Poetry & Prose Alexander
  ENGL 306 Prose & Poetry of the Romantic Period Alexander
  ENGL 313 Adolescent Literature  Stutts
  ENGL 318 Medieval Drama  Brent
  ENGL 318 Legends of Arthur Brent
  ENGL 325 Renaissance Poetry and Drama Simpson
  ENGL 334 Southern Women's Writing  McGehee
  ENGL 338 American Identities McGehee
  ENGL 341 Postcolonial Literature & Film Kiley
  ENGL 350 Shakespeare  Simpson
  ENGL 365

Modern British & American Novel-James Joyce

  ENGL 420 The Monster in the Mirror Brent
  ENGL 420 The Devil's in the Details  Stutts
  ENGL 420 The Phenomenon of Passing in Literature & Film McGehee
  ENGL 420 The American Journey Thompson
  ENGL 420 Gothic Fiction Alexander
  ENGL 420 Love & Death in the Middle Ages Brent
  ENGL 420 Tragedy Evolving Simpson
  ENGL 420 Buried Secrets: The Histories That Haunt Us     Alexander
  ENGL 420 20th Century Jewish-American Experience Barr
  ENGL 458 Southern Meccas McGehee & Thompson
French:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  FRENCH 258 Re-Imagining Africa Through Film & Literature Kiley


18th Century French Literature Kiley
Freshman Studies (FRST):  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  FRST 110 You Are What You Eat Brent
History:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  HIST 361 English History to 1688 Heiser
HIST 368 History of Scotland Heiser
  HIST 377 19th Century Europe, 1789-1914  Wiecki
  HIST 380 Early Russia Heiser
  HIST 450 U.S.- Latin American Relations  Narvaez
  HIST 450 Byzantine Empire Seminar Heiser
  HIST 450 Slavery and Freedom in America Gustafson
  HIST 450 Stuart England Heiser
  HIST 450 The Many Faces of Fascism   Wiecki
  HIST 458 World War I   Wiecki
  HIST 458 The Holocaust Bebber
  HIST 458 World War II in Europe Wiecki
  HIST 458 Immigration and America Gustafson
  HIST 458 Terrible Greatness: Communist Russia 1917-1991 Wiecki
  HIST 2201 American History II Lampert
  HIST 3240 History of the South  Lampert
  HIST 3412 Modern Britain Bebber
  HIST 3443 French Revolution Wiecki
  HIST 3446 Global History of Sport Bebber
  HIST 3470 Europe Since 1945: Risen from the Ruins Wiecki
  HIST 3616 Modern Latin America Cosby
  HIST 4000 Tudor and Stuart England Heiser
  HIST 4001 20th Century Europe  Wiecki
  HIST 4001 Lewis & Clark's America Shackelford
  HIST 4001 The U.S. & the Middle East, 1945-1991 Campbell
Philosophy: Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  PHIL 440 Senior Capstone  Meadows
  PHIL 458 Philosophy and Film Meadows
Political Science:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  PLSC 440 Social Movements Ingram
  PLSC 458 Politics and the Media Ingram
Religion & Philosophy:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  RELG 322 Studies in the Synoptic Gospels Bryant
  RELG 440 Senior Capstone  Nolan
Spanish:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  SPAN 201-202 Intermediate Spanish: Hispanic Culture Ramirez/Cox
  SPAN 258/458

Literature & History of Spain-Unity & Diversity, Cross-listed with Art 258

  SPAN 258/458

The New Spaniards:From Dictatorship to Democracy

  SPAN 300 Introduction to Literary Genres Knight
  SPAN 333 The Age of Chivalry: from El Cid to Don Quixote Knight
  SPAN 333 Representations of the Spanish Civil War
  SPAN 350 Latin American Cinema Saffi
  SPAN 458 Special Topics: The Cultures of Fear Saffi
  SPAN 458 Maymester in Mexico Ramirez
Theatre & Dance:  Archived Guide Pages
Class # Course Professor
  THEA 220 History of the Theatre I Preston
  THEA 221 History of the Theatre II Preston
  THEA 325 Modern Dance Ragland
  THEA 350 Shakespeare Simpson
  THEA 1401 Movement Styles II Ragland


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