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Evaluating Information


All information, whether in print or electronic format, should be evaluated before using it for your college work. Give each source the CRAAP Test by asking these questions first:

  • CURRENT?  What are the revision and publication dates? Is the information current? How recently has the website been updated?
  • RELEVANT? How well do the search results match your keywords or fulfill your information need? For what audience was the information written?
  • AUTHORITY?  Who is the author? What makes them qualified?
  • ACCURATE?  Do other sources confirm the facts and statistics found in the source? Are references or sources provided for data or quotations?
  • PURPOSE/POINT of VIEW ? Is the intent to persuade? Is bias evident? Is the information fact or fiction?

For additional information about evaluating resources, please visit the sites below:

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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly by Susan E. Beck

Both Print & Electronic:

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Evaluating Sources   
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