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Reserve Services - Students


These regulations are designed to give students equal access to items in heavy demand on as fair a basis as possible.

A valid college ID is required in order to check out items on Reserve. Students are urged to bring their class syllabus to aid desk personnel in identifying the reserve material needed.

  • A student may not have more than one reserve item checked out to his/her name from a particular reserve list.
  • The student who checks out the reserve material is responsible for returning it at the time it is due. A student waiting at the desk will have first claim on the item regardless of who returns it.
  • No reserve item may be "held." Reserve items will be checked out to the first person asking for the item once it has been returned.
  • A reserve item may not be renewed if someone else has asked for it.
  • If a reserve item is lost, notify the desk immediately, since any fines owed will be added to the cost of the item.
  • Three hour overnight reserve items must be checked out for overnight use no earlier than 30 minutes before closing. Overnight loans must be returned by 9:00 am on Monday through Friday, by 10 am on Saturday, and by 1:30 pm on Sunday. The limit on such loans is one item per student.
  • Twenty-four hour reserve items may be checked out at any time and are due within 24 hours of checkout time. Three and seven day reserve items are due by closing time on the date they are due.
  • Certain items are marked NOT TO LEAVE THE LIBRARY. These may not leave the building under any circumstances and may not be checked out overnight.


A fine of $0.25 per hour will be charged for hourly items (1-, 2-, 3-. 6-, 24-hour) that are overdue. A fine of $1.00 per day will be charged for 3 and 7-day items that are overdue. The maximum fine is $20.00 per item.

Prolonged delay in the return of reserve items is considered a failure to respect the rights of other students and will be regarded as a potential Honor Code Violation that may be referred to the Honor Council for investigation.

Use the RETURN DEPOSITORY under the portico of the building to return items when the library is closed. It is emptied each day after the library is opened. Reserve items deposited after that time will be considered returned as of the next time the depository is emptied, with fines figured and billed accordingly.



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