Our Heart, Our College – Facilities Master Plan

“To invest in the heart is to develop one place that embodies the essence of the campus. It is to have one place from which all campus life radiates; to have one place that all think of when they visualize the core of campus activity. It is the place that bespeaks the nature of liberal arts; it bespeaks community.” - Presbyterian College President Claude C. Lilly

The five to seven year proposed Facilities Master Plan, aptly named “Invest in the Heart,” was revealed to faculty, staff and students on February 28, 2014.

But visions of this plan began long before February 28th. The Master Planning Team began its work in 2013 by selecting Brailsford & Dunlavey of Charlotte, N.C., a master facility planning group, and the Watson Tate Savory architectural firm located in Columbia, S.C., as consultants. Both firms have a reputation for excellence in architecture, economic analysis, planning and design.

During the initial planning stages, PC students, faculty, and staff weighed in during focus groups, interviews and through a campus-wide survey completed by 675 respondents.

Christy Schofer, student body vice president and PC Class of 2015, said, “It was extremely important for me and other students to participate in the planning process of the Facilities Master Plan because as per the culture of PC, student involvement is critical to the success of the College. Students, faculty, and staff feel personally invested in each other and the family-like environment that exists here.”

With PC’s commitment to excellence and sustainability in mind, the plan will best utilize our properties and facilities. All of the planning and research led to the formulation of three main goals for the Master Plan:

• Strengthen Campus Community

• Develop New Upper-division Housing

• Strategically Address Deferred Maintenance

Christy concluded, “Even though I’m graduating in a year, I will continue to care about what happens to this college long after I’m gone. The impacts of the Facilities Master Plan are going to make PC even more attractive to prospective students, and I want them to love it just as much as I have.”

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  • About the Plan The plan is shaped by PC’s commitment to excellence and sustainability, and the need to address its academic goals.

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