Majors and Courses

As a part of the general education requirement at PC, mathematics help establish a base that can be used in a wide variety of other areas. Presbyterian College freshmen are given placement tests in mathematics to help determine the appropriate courses to take. In addition, some of the department’s majors conduct help sessions for students in freshman-level courses, providing free assistance in the evenings for college algebra, trigonometry, and finite mathematics students.

The Mathematics Department is located in the Harrington-Peachtree Center, one of the newest academic facilities on campus. During the past decade, technological advances have drastically altered the way in which mathematics is taught. Presently, graphing calculators are used in all college algebra, trigonometry, finite mathematics, and calculus sections at PC. In some upper level math courses, students are able to use the Harrington-Peachtree computer laboratory. The mathematics department is committed to acquiring and integrating technology into the curriculum while maintaining an appropriate balance between tradition and reform in its teaching.

In recent years, the department has earned a grant to teach the history of math — committing fully to the liberal arts tradition of teaching the whole person in a well-rounded approach.

A student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America is active on campus, increasing the interaction between faculty and students. Students are able to take advantage of MAA resources, including books and web pages on career information and on graduate programs in the mathematical sciences. In addition, the PC library contains all three journals published by the MAA – The American Mathematical MonthlyThe College Mathematics Journal, and Mathematics Magazine – as well as a magazine designed especially for undergraduates, Math Horizons.