German Course Offerings

101 Introductory German I (4) A basic course designed to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and an awareness of German culture.

102 Introductory German II (4) (PR: GERM 101 or placement) A continuation of GERM 101.

201 Intermediate German I (3) (PR: GERM 102 or placement) A continuation of GERM 102 with increased emphasis on German civilization, aural comprehension, and conversation.

202 Intermediate German II (3) (PR: GERM 201 or placement) A continuation of GERM 201.

258 Special Topics (1-6) See Catalog.

301 Advanced German Composition and Conversation I (3) (PR: GERM 202) An advanced course designed to develop skills in oral and written communication in German. Discussions, oral presentations, and essays based on contemporary texts and tapes.

302 Advanced German Composition and Conversation II (3) (PR: GERM 301) A continuation of GERM 301.

321 Survey of German Literature I (3) (PR:GERM 302 or POI) A study of representative German dramas and novellas of the 18th and 19th centuries.

322 Survey of German Literature II (3) (PR: GERM 302 or POI) A study of representative German prose works of the 20th century.

343 German Apprenticeship (3) (PR: GERM 302 and consent of the department) Students observe beginning language classes and eventually teach segments of the course and prepare audio-visual materials and tests under the close supervision of the first-year teacher.

398 Honors Research (3-6) See Catalog.

405 German on the Internet (3) (PR: GERM 302 or POI) This course will explore and contrast various German language media, both popular and legitimate, and develop critical insight into their treatment of topics such as politics, business, sports, popular culture, and general culture. (Every third year)

410 German Civilization (3) (PR: GERM 302 or POI) A study of German civilization including geography, history, social structure, and cultural life.

420 German Film and Society (3) (PR: GERM 302 or POI) This course will study a representative selection of German language films from the early 20th century up to recent works. They will be discussed in connection with the contemporary social and political developments in the German speaking countries.

440 German Literature Capstone (3) (PR: GERM 302 or POI) This course will study several major German-language literary works from different historical periods, focusing on the development of language, form, and themes in the historical context.

442 Directed Studies in German (3-9) (PR: GERM 302) Open to students planning to major in German who will complete their major with a junior year abroad or for students taking German as the second foreign language for a modern foreign languages major. See Catalog.

444 Internship (1-6) See Catalog.
446 Readings (1-9) See Catalog.
448 Research (1-9) See Catalog.
450 Seminar (1-9) See Catalog.
452 Special Projects (1-9) See Catalog.
458 Special Topics in German (1-6) (PR: GERM 302) Directed independent study on a topic approved by the department. See Catalog.

CO = Co-requisite ● POI = Permission of Instructor ● PR = Prerequisite ● RE = Recommended ● XL = Cross-listed