Latin American Studies Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Latin American Studies
The minor in Latin American studies requires 18 hours, including LAST 335 and 15 additional hours chosen from ARTH 320; LAST/SPAN 318, 350; PLSC 362; PLSC/SOC 370; SPAN 324; SPAN 316, 331, and 332.

Latin American Studies Courses

318 Political Violence and Culture in Latin America (3)
(PR: SPAN 300 or POI • XL: SPAN 318) The 20th century saw Latin America preoccupied by the struggle over socialism and communism. This course will examine cultural representations of this struggle through film and short stories. Films will have subtitles and short stories will be available in English and Spanish.

335 Introduction to Latin American Studies (3)
An interdisciplinary course that provides a general overview of the historical, political, sociological, religious, and cultural development of Latin America.

350 Latin American Cinema (3)
(PR: SPAN 300 or POI • XL: SPAN 350) This course focuses on the development of Latin American film in the major filmmaking countries: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Cuba. The course explores the nature of film itself, contextualizing cinematic production with historic, social, and aesthetic tensions in the construction of Latin American identity.

442 Directed Studies (1-6) See Catalog.
444 Internships (1-6) See Catalog.
446 Readings (1-9) See Catalog.
448 Research (1-9) See Catalog.
450 Seminar (1-9) See Catalog.
452 Special Projects (1-9) See Catalog.
458 Special Topics (1-6) See Catalog.