Portuguese Course Offerings

CO = Co-requisite ● POI = Permission of Instructor ● PR = Prerequisite ● RE = Recommended ● XL = Cross-listed

101 Introductory Portuguese I (4) A basic course designed to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and an awareness of Luso-Brazilian culture.

102 Introductory Portuguese II (4) (PR: PORT 101 or placement) A continuation of PORT 101.

151 Accelerated Introductory Portuguese (4) An accelerated course for students with previous study of a Romance language, especially Spanish. Continues the development of fundamental skills with an emphasis on speaking and comprehension.

201 Intermediate Portuguese I (3) (PR: PORT 102, 151, or placement) A study of Luso-Brazilian culture accompanied by a thorough review of grammar and continued oral-aural work as well as continued practice in writing.

202 Intermediate Portuguese II (3) (PORT 201 or placement) A continuation of PORT 201.

324 Contemporary Brazilian Film (3) (XL: SPAN 324) This course focuses on the development of Brazilian film from precursors of the “Cinema Novo” movement of the 1950s and 1960s to the recent resurgence in Brazilian cinematography since the late 1990s.

442 Directed Studies in Portuguese (1-9) (PR: two years of PORT) Directed independent study in Portuguese on a topic approved by the department. See Catalog.

444 Internships (1-6) See Catalog.
446 Readings (1-9) See Catalog.
448 Research (1-9) See Catalog.
450 Seminar (1-9) See Catalog.
452 Special Projects (1-9) See Catalog.
458 Special Topics (1-6) See Catalog.