Spanish Course Offerings

CO = Co-requisite ● POI = Permission of Instructor ● PR = Prerequisite ● RE = Recommended ● XL = Cross-listed

101 Introductory Spanish I (4) A basic course designed to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and an awareness of Hispanic culture.

102 Introductory Spanish II (4) (PR: SPAN 101 or placement) A continuation of SPAN 101.

151 Accelerated Introductory Spanish (4) An accelerated course for students with previous study of Spanish. Continues the development of fundamental skills with an emphasis on speaking and comprehension. (Credit cannot be received for both 151 and 102.)

201 Intermediate Spanish I (3) (PR: SPAN 102, 151, or placement) A study of Hispanic culture accompanied by a thorough review of grammar and continued oral-aural work as well as continued practice in writing.

202 Intermediate Spanish II (3) (PR: SPAN 201 or placement) A continuation of SPAN 201.

258 Special Topics (1-6) See Catalog.

300 Introduction to Literary Genres (3) (PR: SPAN 202 or POI) An introduction to the critical reading and analysis of poetry, narrative, and drama.

301 Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation I (3) (PR: SPAN 202) An advanced course designed to develop skills in oral and written communication in Spanish. Discussions, oral presentations, and essays on material from Spanish magazine articles, short stories, and tapes.

302 Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation II (3) (PR: SPAN 301) A continuation of SPAN 301.

308 Spanish for the Professions (3) (PR: SPAN 202) This course is designed to allow students to acquire skills in the Spanish language as used in the professional world. They will become familiar with specialized terminology in different professional areas such as international business and advertisement, commerce and banking, health and medical care, among others. Students will practice the Spanish language in simulated work-type situations that are frequent in professional contexts: company meetings, professional presentations, formal/informal conversations with visitors, discussion of new regulations and legal procedures, exchanging ideas with colleagues, all within the context of the practices and traditions of Hispanic culture.

315 Spanish Civilization (3) (PR: SPAN 300, 301 or 302, or POI) A study of Spanish civilization with emphasis on geography, history, social structure, and artistic contributions of the society.

316 Latin American Civilization (3) (PR: SPAN 300, 301 or 302, or POI) A study of Latin American civilization from the pre-Columbian era to the present, including history, geography, politics, and artistic contributions of the society.

318 Political Violence and Culture in Latin America (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI ● XL: LAST 318) The 20th century saw Latin America preoccupied by the struggle over socialism and communism. This course will examine cultural representations of this struggle through film and short stories. Films will have subtitles, and short stories will be available in English and Spanish.

321 Survey of Spanish Literature I (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI) An introduction to Spanish literature from its beginnings through the 18th century.

322 Survey of Spanish Literature II (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI) An overview of Spanish literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.

324 Contemporary Brazilian Film (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI ● XL: PORT 324) This course focuses on the development of Brazilian film from precursors of the “Cinema Novo” movement of the 1950s and 1960s to the recent resurgence in Brazilian cinematography since the late 1990s.

331 Survey of Spanish-American Literature I (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI) An introduction to various genres written from the colonial period to modernism.

332 Survey of Spanish-American Literature II (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI) An overview of the principal literary movements from modernism to the present.

333 Issues in Spain (3) (PR: SPAN 300, 301 or 302, or POI ● May be taken more than once for credit) This seminar focuses on issues in modern Spain. Possible topics include the role of Spain in the European Union, globalism, immigration, nationalism and identity, terrorism, post-civil war generation, gender and sexuality, and the role of the Catholic Church in the 21st century.

334 Issues in Latin America (3) (PR: SPAN 300, 301 or 302, or POI ● May be taken more than once for credit) This seminar focuses on issues in Latin America. Possible topics include the representation and voice of Latinos/Hispanics in the United States, interventionism, exile and migration, globalism, and indigenous cultures.

341 Business Spanish (3) (PR: SPAN 202) A course designed to perfect skills in the language and procedures used by the Hispanic business world. Includes terminology and methods used in marketing, labor relations, international commerce, and banking; practice in interpreting and writing for business use; and acquaintance with the history, geography, culture, and economic status of the Spanish-speaking nations.

343 Spanish Apprenticeship (3) (PR: SPAN 300, 301 or 302, or POI) Students observe beginning language classes and eventually teach segments of the course and prepare audio-visual materials and tests under the close supervision of the first-year teacher.

350 Latin American Cinema (3) (PR: SPAN 300 or POI ● XL: LAST 350) This course focuses on the development of Latin American film in the major filmmaking countries: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Cuba. The course explores the nature of film itself, contextualizing cinematic production with historic, social, and aesthetic tensions in the construction of Latin American identity.

398 Honors Research (3-6) See Catalog.

440 Senior Capstone in Spanish (1) (PR: JR or SR status) The Senior Capstone in Spanish assesses overall knowledge of the Spanish language and the culture and civilization of the Hispanic world. As a form of summative assessment of oral and written skills in the Spanish language, the capstone project integrates communicative, linguistic, and intercultural competence.

442 Directed Studies in Spanish (3-9) (PR: SPAN 202 and SPAN major) Open to students planning to major in Spanish who will complete their major with a junior year abroad or for students taking Spanish as the second foreign language for a modern foreign languages major; readings and research on a topic approved by the department. See Catalog.

444 Internships (1-6) See Catalog.
446 Readings (1-9) See Catalog.
448 Research (1-9) See Catalog.
450 Seminar (1-9) See Catalog.
452 Special Projects (1-9) See Catalog.
458 Special Topics in Spanish (1-6) (PR: SPAN 202) Directed independent study on a topic approved by the department. See Catalog.