When Dr. Ron Davis came to PC almost a decade ago, he had a single request – that we begin a handbell program.BellsRinging


He got his wish.




christmas tall bells 09 01


Today, the PC Ringers is one of the finest collegiate handbell ensembles in the Southeast.




The Department of Music owns a 5-octave Malmark set of bells and 7 octaves of Malmark choirchimes.  Not only through their solo performances, but with performances combined with choral ensembles, with boom whackers, with percussions, with bubble machines (yes, you read that correctly), and many other combinations of instruments including symphonic orchestra, this ensemble has distinguished itself and put PC on the hanbell map.



Dr. D is always looking for new handbell players and enthusiasts.


If you’re interested in coming to PC to major in anything (including MUSIC), Dr. Davis is willing to be of assistance in helping you get in touch with ADMISSIONS, preparing an application, looking and auditioning for music scholarships – in fact, with anything!

Call him at 864.833.8422 or send him an email at (EMAIL DR. D).