Scholarship Auditions

The Department of Music at Presbyterian College will begin accepting music scholarship auditions in August.  At that time, the link to the online scholarship form will be available.


The Department of Music encourages prospective students to apply and audition ONLINE and there is no advantage to presenting an audition in person.  Prospective students preparing to apply for  a music scholarship (or participation in ensembles) may wish to begin to prepare an audition video(s.)  Video file size should be kept as small as possible (use a lower level of resolution! not HD), but we will accept multiple video files.  When the application is available, video files may be attached to the application and/or submitted separately via email (address to be added at a later date.)

 The deadline for submission of the application during the 2015-2016 academic year is January 29, 2016.  We encourage all applicants to submit their auditions as early as possible

 Please call 864.833.8470 for assistance.

To apply, begin here:  CURRENTLY CLOSED