Strings, Orchestra, String Chamber Ensembles

Surely a small college like PC does not have a student orchestra!


Well, if you think that’s the case, you’d be wrong.  We not only have an orchestra, we have a vibrant strings program at PC.


Violin and Viola students study privately with Dr. Pawel Kozak and the doublebass and cello students study with Dr. Richard Thomas, who also conducts the orchestra.


There are music majors in our strings program, but many students are majoring in business, the sciences, psychology, and many of the other majors found at PC.

Jo McAnally is a great example of one of our more recent strings majors.  Jo completed the music education degree at PC in exactly four years, satisfying all the requirements for her teaching licensure, and is now teaching in a public school string program in SC.




Paul Harris came to PC with a background in voice and a little piano, but a desire to learn the viola.  Most students come to college to study strings or play in orchestras after years of school and youth orchestra experience – and that’s the case for most of PC’s string students.  But Paul was undeterred.  He studied and practiced until he could satisfy Dr. Thomas that he could, indeed, contribute to the orchestra.  Paul will graduate from PC in 2014 with a degree in Spanish and Modern Foreign Languages.



There’s a place in our strings program for you!   Contact Dr. Richard Thomas immediately via (EMAIL) or by calling his office at 864.833.8469.  He will assist you with connecting with the ADMISSIONS offices, the music scholarship process, 01/26/06 faculty music mozartand anything else you may require.


Come to PC, learn, grow, and continue to play your instrument – our orchestra experience – our entire music experience – is one that leaves a lasting, life-long impression.