Community Life and Housing Information

The Office of Community Life is excited you are joining the PC Family!

Information about the various community facilities can be found on the Community Life page. Do you already know which Community Hall you are living in?

We typically have requests from incoming students to be able to come to campus to look at their specific room.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate those requests.  We have numerous summer camps in our community halls up until the time students begin to move in.  Our Campus Services staff is also working very hard to get our buildings ready for students to arrive in August.  The website describes the rooms in the various facilities.  We are happy to talk with you by phone or through e-mail with any specific questions you may have.   We are looking forward to your joining us in August.

We have received a lot of phone calls regarding whether or not students can loft beds. Unfortunately, lofts are not allowed in the community halls. Students can, however, bunk their beds. In the lobby of each community hall, there will be bed pegs available to bunk beds. Be sure to ask your Community Advisor (CA) if you have any questions about bunking beds.

Link to Community Life  for all your housing and residential questions.