Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Pride?
Simply put – Blue Pride is PC.
In addition to our school colors, everything PC students and alumni do has Blue Pride associated with it. Every Friday is designated as “Blue Pride Friday” and the entire campus community, students, staff and faculty, wear blue to show their BLUE PRIDE!

Be sure to check out PC’s Blue Pride on Twitter @PCBluePride and use the hashtag #PCBluePride when mentioning your Blue Pride!

Blue Pride is:

  • Honor, Faith & Reason, Service
  • Being  proud of the PC campus community and acting accordingly
  • The enthusiasm and dedication every student and alum has towards PC
  • Respecting each other

What is Orientation?
The orientation program is designed to help new PC students (both first year students and transfer students) make a successful transition to PC and college life.

During Orientation, students have the opportunity to meet with their academic advisors who will explain PC’s academic requirements and answer any questions about academics at PC. In addition, students will learn about the variety of campus resources through staff and current students…HOSE Leaders! We have social activities to help students start the process of making new friends with their classmates, the Class of 2018. It is important to note: students are expected to participate in the entire four day orientation.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Move into their community hall
  • Meet the HOSE Leaders (Orientation Leaders)
  • Get to know faculty and staff
  • Explore the campus and learn about the resources available to them
  • Meet and get to know their peers!

As a parent or family member, you are important to the PC community. While our students gain independence, we know that they will continue to turn to you for support, encouragement, advice and counsel. We offer an Orientation for parents and family members on the first day of orientation. You will learn about the College’s services, resources and have a chance to ask questions. The schedule includes a welcome from University administrators; breakout sessions on athletics, study abroad opportunities, internships, ROTC, as well as an opportunity to meet with your student’s academic advisor. The day will end with dinner with your student, as well as PC faculty and staff.

What days do parents and families attend orientation? 
Move-in takes place on Wednesday, August 20 from 1-5 pm and this is a great way for you to meet your student’s roommate(s), and hall mates. We also have a dinner planned for new students and families that evening and hope you will join us! Parents and families will leave after dinner and stay at a local hotel and return to campus the following morning, Thursday, August 21 to attend several different sessions with the first session starting at 8:30 am. On Thursday, families will say “See you soon” to their student after having lunch on-campus (families depart at approximately 1:00 pm).

Why should I attend Orientation with my student?
We encourage parents and families to attend Orientation so they will be in a better position to encourage and support their student while he/she is pursuing a degree at PC. During Orientation, parents and families will learn the academic requirements necessary for their student to earn a degree and resources PC offers to help them succeed.

Who can I call with questions about Orientation?
The friendly and knowledgeable orientation staff is ready to answer your questions. Call (864) 833-8380 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm or email us at

Where is check-in for orientation?
Check-in for orientation will take place at the Mabry-Smith-Yonce (MSY) Center beside Templeton Gymnasium. Check-in will be 1:00 – 5:00 pm.

Where can I park during orientation?
During orientation please park in the lot of your student’s community hall. Once there, you can walk to MSY to check-in for orientation and your student can have his/her ID made. There will also be parking available at MSY/Templeton.

Which banks are located in Laurens county?
There are several banks and credit unions located in the area.

What size sheets do I need for my bed?
All first year student housing has extra-long beds, so all first year students will need to bring extra-long sheets.

What do we wear during orientation?
Dress is casual during orientation. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you will be doing a considerable amount of walking during the program. It is also a good idea to bring and umbrella – rain showers can happen frequently!

How can I send my student(s) a Campus Snack Box?
Campus Snack Box and PC have partnered to offer parents, families and friends the opportunity to send their student a surprise in the mail! Campus Snack Box is your one stop shop for sending snacks and essentials to your college student. They will work with clients to create tailored snackbox packages that meet the needs of students. Just visit Campus Snack Box for more information!

Is there a online map of campus?

Where can I find more information about the Clinton community?
PC has put together a great local resources page we think you will enjoy!

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Heather Rush,, (864) 833-8380