PC Launch Program for Vocation, Leadership, and Service—commonly known as PC Launch—is the work of a cross-disciplinary team of undergraduate faculty led by Dr. Anita Gustafson, professor of history.

The program is designed to facilitate the integration of a liberal arts education with pre-professional development in order to prepare students to lead lives of meaning and purpose. Its funding is through a $50,000 program development grant from the Council for Independent Colleges and the Lilly Endowment.

“PC Launch will assist students as they make key decisions about their future careers, leadership roles, and service to their families and communities, providing a platform for an innovative four-year journey for PC students,” said Gustafson.

Workshops on vocation, service, graduate school, career paths and a mentoring program which pairs participating PC alumni with PC students will provide focused opportunities for career exploration and growth.

PC Launch also includes a campus-wide Day of Service and increases course-based service learning projects. The program will further develop short-term study Maymester opportunities where students join faculty members as research assistants through professors’ on-going research projects.

Students will first encounter PC Launch with the College’s New Student Orientation and required freshman seminar courses that will include a common reading about vocation, leadership and service.

During the sophomore year, a one-semester hour course, “Launching Vocation, Leadership, and Service” will be offered for elective credit.

Included in the grant funding are faculty and staff workshops designed to enhance their effectiveness as mentors to students in their vocational exploration. The first workshop is set for May 8 and features Indiana Wesleyan University’s Dr. Bill Millard, who holds the Terry T. Munday Endowed Chair of Life Calling. Dr. Millard is a senior fellow in the Life Calling Research Institute housed at IWU.

Juniors and seniors will attend workshops and discussions focusing on vocation, service, graduate school and career paths, offered by a coordinated effort between Academics, Student Life, Religious/Spiritual Life and Athletics.

“PC has traditionally valued the importance of preparing students for future careers and positions of leadership. This grant will help us focus and enhance our current efforts to create a bridge between the classroom and a student’s post-college experience. The PC Launch Program will assist students to articulate their own personal vision of vocation, leadership and service as they grow from new freshmen to graduating seniors.” Dr. Gufstafson said.

The program is funding by the Lilly Foundation, the Council of Independent Colleges, and NetVUE (the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education.