Dicussion Topics

It may be helpful to have some ideas of what to discuss during an upcoming meeting with your Mentor Blue Hose partner, look at the list of suggested mentoring discussion topics to get some ideas for your partnership. Mentor Blue Hose pairs should also consider participating in one of the industry related discussion forums hosted on the Mentor Blue Hose LinkedIn Group. When meeting or talking with your Mentor Blue Hose partner, use that time effectively and efficiently. Take a few minutes before each meeting to plan your discussion, and a few minutes to summarize the key points of the meeting. Use the Conversation Planning Worksheet – view PDF to help you consistently record and reflect on the progress you make in your mentoring partnership.

We want to hear from you! If you have an idea or a suggestion for a great activity or discussion topic that worked well in your Mentor Blue Hose partnership, please email the Mentor Blue Hose team.


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