Congratulations! You’ve been paired with a fellow Blue Hose through the Mentor Blue Hose program. Now, it’s time to contact your Mentor Blue Hose partner and get going.

If you have received email notification regarding your new mentor or mentee, complete each of the following steps to get your partnership up and running as soon as possible.

1.   Review the Getting Started page to understand mentoring roles, responsibilities, and activities involved.

2.   Call or email your Mentor Blue Hose partner and introduce yourself as soon as you receive their information. Don’t be shy, and don’t wait for them to reach out!

Begin your mentoring partnership by getting to know each other and establishing expectations for communication. Use this Initial Conversation Guide to help you create ground rules. Schedule regular times to chat in person, on the phone, online chat, or through video chat.

The best way to ensure you’ll have an enjoyable, successful, and productive partnership is to create mutual expectations early in your partnership!

3.  Complete the mandatory Online Mentoring Agreement. Once you and your partner have had your initial conversation and established mutual expectations for communication, one member of the partnership must complete the Online Mentoring Agreement. The agreement asks you to record the goals you’ve established, your mutual expectations for communication, and preferences for communication. The form is simply a written record of mutual expectations for each other during your partnership, and is a mandatory requirement for all pairs. The form asks for the student’s PC ID number, but both members of the mentoring pair should discuss the submission, and both members receive a copy of the agreement once it is submitted. Every mentor and mentee pair must complete the form within two weeks of receiving their pairing information.

4. Check out the upcoming Mentor Blue Hose Events and register online to attend the next event, or make plans to watch the live web stream.

5.   Get connected to other Mentor Blue Hose members through LinkedIn and Facebook.

It is strongly recommended that every Mentor Blue Hose member have a LinkedIn profile, in order to make the most of the program and to take advantage of the power of the PC alumni network. Currently more than XXXX alumni and students are part of the Alumni Association LinkedIn page. Additionally, regular discussion threads will be posted on the Mentor Blue Hose LinkedIn group, giving mentors and mentees the opportunity to ask questions and share opinions with the entire Mentor Blue Hose community!

Check the Presbyterian College Facebook page is for reminders about upcoming events and to post pictures from the various Mentor Blue Hose events during the year!


Speed Networking

You’ve heard of Speed Dating? Welcome to Speed Networking! Don’t miss this whirlwind evening of one-on-one structured networking that provides students the unique experience of connecting with at least four PC alumni in a short period of time. This is a fantastic opportunity to practice your networking skills, learn how to get acquainted with people you’ve never met before, and broaden your network. Find out how valuable the PC Alumni Network can be and use it to your advantage!

Not yet paired? All students registered for the program by DATE will be paired by the event date! Anyone signed up for Mentor Blue Hose can attend, even if not yet paired.

Alumni mentor out of state? Not to worry, the event will be available via live web stream! This event is for everyone participating in the program no matter if your alumni mentor can or can’t make it.

Student mentees and alumni mentors, come out and cheer on the Blue Hose while networking with fellow PC fans. The PC Alumni will host you at their tailgating table. Entrance is free for members, alumni mentors in the Mentor Blue Hose program and their families. Kick off against WHAT OPPONENT is at 2 p.m, see you there!

Refreshments and game admission provided!


As a member of Mentor Blue Hose, you will receive information about Mentor Blue Hose, including structured activities, through the bi-weekly Mentor Blue Hose email updates.View current announcements or past announcements. For additional activities and discussion topics to pursue with your Mentor Blue Hose partner, see the suggestions below.

Mentor Blue Hose highly recommends planning activities with your partner outside of our sponsored events. Activities can include anything from reviewing a resume, to sharing and discussing an interesting article, to going out to eat. Relevant campus events and webcasts are posted on the Mentor Blue Hose calendar, in hopes that Mentors and Mentees will attend or watch together. Click here for a list of suggested activities to help spark some ideas for your mentoring partnership.

Set Goals For Your Mentoring Partnership – You need to know what you’re working toward before you get going – view PDF.

Resume Review and Critique – Stand out on paper and improve your resume – view PDF.

The Elevator Pitch – Practice persuasion by presenting your best self – view PDF.

Positive Visual Presentation – Professional attire and pleasant, confident body language are paramount to making a good first impression. – view PDF

Positive Online Presence – What does your social media footprint say about you? What would an employer think if they saw it? Leverage LinkedIn to your benefit! – view PDF.

Interview Practice – When it comes to landing a job or Co-Op, practice makes perfect for the interview – view PDF.

Self-Awareness – Understanding your personal strengths and challenges is one of the first steps in becoming a better professional, and a better student. Mentors and mentees can both benefit from these free personality inventories and increased self-awareness – view PDF.

Leadership Reading List – Look at our short list of recommended leadership books for mentors and mentees to read together – view PDF.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Use this document to discuss strategies for appropriately handling professional success, professional mistakes, and professional conflict – view PDF.

First Impressions Last – The first days and weeks in a new job or co-op are an important time to make a good impression. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to discuss strategies for starting off on the right foot – view PDF.

Time and Balance – In order to have a healthy work life balance, we must manage our time wisely – view PDF.

A Natural Blue Hose Resource – One of the greatest asset’s of a PC degree, is the natural connection to alumni across the country and around the world. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to explore this resource together. – view PDF.

End Of Year Wrap Up – Moving your mentoring relationship forward at the end of the year – view PDF.

International Student Experience – Many students are brand new to PC and the Upstate, but some students are brand new to the United States. Here are a few topics and suggestions for international students and their alumni mentors – view PDF.