The Sophomore Year: Refinement and Active Exploration of Vocation

PC sophomores will explore vocation, leadership, and service and the meaning of each for the individual student.

Through an interdisciplinary, one-semester hour course called “Launching Vocation, Leadership and Service” that addresses the College’s motto, Dum Vivimus Servimus, students will learn how to incorporate that concept into their personal definition of vocation.

Course content includes traditional career exploration exercises (assessment, industry research, resume development, and active utilization of the Blue Hose CareerNet, a vocational/career portfolio) alongside focused discussions about vocation, purpose, service, and leadership.

A primary course learning outcome will be for students to demonstrate capacity to connect their interests and abilities with a life of purpose. If a student has not decided upon a major, this course will also provide resources for the student to make an informed decision when declaring a major.

During the sophomore year, each student will complete a Strong Interest Inventory. The inventory results will be reviewed by Career Programs staff with academic advisors to assist mentors in their discussions with students about major/minor options.

Through the Blue Hose CareerNet resource, students can learn more about career exploration, resume development, internship and job search initiatives, and networking with alumni.

A coordinated effort between Academics, Student Life, Religious/Spiritual Life, and Athletics will provide a program series for students that includes workshops on vocation, service, graduate school, and career paths.