Physics Advisement

Welcome to the Advisement page. Here you will find much useful information and advice, as well as tools to aid in crafting a course schedule and tracking progress with the general education program and, if you are a history major, with the history program.

Let’s start with some basics:

1. College Catalog[]: Here you will find policies that guide you towards graduation and that help you avoid pitfalls along the way. The college catalog for the year you enrolled at PC contains all the policies and regulations governing your academic career at PC. The catalog for the year you declare your major governs the requirements you must meet to complete the major. Pages of particular concern include (page numbers correspond to current catalog):

  • College mission and goals, p. 3-4
  • AP/IB/CLEP credit schedules, p. 11-12
  • General degree requirements, p. 17
  • General education requirements, p. 17-20
  • Various other policies and guidelines, p. 21-29
  • History major and minor requirements, p. 83-86

2. Registrar Website[]: The Registrar is the official college record keeper. The Registrar makes sure that academic policies are followed and records student grades and monitors progress toward graduation. The following should be of interest:

  • Academic Calendar[]
  • BannerWeb Login[]
  • Class Periods and Building Abbreviations[]
  • General Education Checklist[] (scroll to Student Forms)
  • Physics/DD Major and Minor Cards [](scroll to Listing of Major Forms)
  • Online Course Schedule[]

3. Helpful tools

  • Schedule Builder[/Schedule-Builder.xlsx]
  • Suggested Plan for the General Education Program
  • Suggested Plan for the Physics/Medical Physics/DD Major
  • Instructions on How to Register for Classes[]