How to Register

Registering Process

In order to register for classes, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your internet browser to PC’s main web page
  2. Click on Campus Community in the red bar toward the top of the screen.
  3. Click on Banner Web (1st column)
  • Log in using the ID and password supplied to you
  • Window will open to Main Menu
  1. Open a second window in the browser
  • Follow steps 1 & 2
  • Click on Registrar (3rd column)
  • Under Quick Links on the righthand side, click on Course Offerings by Term
  • Window will open to Online Course Schedule > now you are ready to start
  1. Return to the Banner Web browser window
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Drop/Add > at the bottom of the page is a row of empty boxes
  1. Return to the Online Course Schedule browser window
  • Make sure that Term reads for the term for which you are trying to register, i.e. Fall 2013
  • Select a Discipline > let’s use physics for demonstration purposes
  • Select Open Classes Only
  • In the left-most column is a 5-digit number called a CRN
  • Write down the number that corresponds to the course you wish to take
  1. Return to the Drop/Add browser window
  • Enter the 5-digit number in the first box in the row at the bottom
  • Click Submit
  1. A screen should appear indicating whether you were placed in the course or a message indicating otherwise
  2. Repeat that process until you have filled your schedule