Dr. Erin S. McAdams

Joined PC in 2012

Professional interests
American campaigns & elections, voting behavior, public opinion & polling, religion & American politics,  media & American politics, American constitutional law, and quantitative research methods

Courses taught
Introduction to American Government; Elections and Campaign Management; American Public Opinion & Polling; Introduction to Political Analysis; Religion & American Politics; Gender & American Politics; and American Constitutional Law I and II

Dr. McAdams also serves as the Pre-Law Advisor at PC. Learn more about PC’s Pre-law Program.

A graduate of Allegheny College (a small liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania), Dr. McAdams earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from The Ohio State University in 2009.  Before joining the faculty at PC, she taught at Ohio State, Dickinson College (P.A.) and the College of Charleston (S.C.). Her courses focus on the processes of American government and political behavior in the U.S., reflecting an analytical, social scientific approach to understanding and critically thinking about politics.

Published in Electoral Studies (2009, with Dr. Herb Weisberg),  Politics and Religion (2013, with Dr. Justin Earl Lance) and the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Eduction (forthcoming in 2015, with Dr. Brian Fisher), her current research focuses on the attitudes of Evangelical Protestants in the U.S. and around the world, Americans’ attitudes toward sustainability and the environment, the ways in which our perceptions of subgroups within political parties shape our partisanship, and the dimensions of partisan identity. Dr. McAdams is also deeply committed to service to the PC and broader Laurens County community.

Please contact Dr. McAdams by phone at (864) 833-8347 or via email at esmcadams@presby.edu. You can also stop by her office in H-P Room 305.