Pre-Law Studies Minor

The Pre-law Studies Minor is an inter-disciplinary minor designed to give students a broad background upon which to build formal legal training.  The minor includes courses in economics, English, history, philosophy, political science and public speaking that are designed to prepare students with the skills necessary to be successful law school applicants and students.

The following are the requirements for the Pre-law Studies Minor:

  • PRLW 2100: Introduction to Legal Studies (cross-listed with PLSC 210)
  • PHIL 205: Logic
  • BADM 301: Business Law
  • PRLW 4007 (a one-credit internship in the legal profession)
  • 1 elective from the following Accounting/Business/Economics courses (ACCT 203: Financial Accounting; BADM 325: Managerial Communication; ECON 202: Microeconomics; ECON 327: Economics of Property Rights)
  • 1 elective from the following Communications courses (ENGL 208: Literary Theory & Criticism; ENGL 219: Studies in Linguistics; ENGL 332: Advanced Writing; SPCH 201: Public Speaking)
  • 1 elective from the following Philosophy/Political Thought courses (PHIL 314: Professional Ethics; PHIL 330: Philosophy of Law; PLSC 322: American Political Thought)
  • 1 elective from the following Law courses (PLSC 304: American Constitutional Law I/Institutional Constraints & Powers; PLSC 305: American Constitutional Law II/Civil Rights & Liberties; SOC 309: Criminology)

For more information on the Pre-law Studies minor, please contact the Pre-law Advisor, Dr. Erin McAdams, at (864) 833-8347 or