Pre-Law Studies Minor

The Pre-law Studies Minor is an inter-disciplinary minor designed to give students a broad background upon which for build formal legal training.  The minor includes courses in economics, English, history, philosophy, political science and public speaking that are designed for a concentration in pre-law.

The following are the requirements for the Pre-law Studies Minor:

  • ACCT 203
  • BADM 301
  • ECON 202
  • PLSC 304 (American Constitutional Law I)
  • PRLW 444 (a three-credit internship in the legal profession)
  • SPCH 201
  • six additional hours chosen from BADM 325, ENGL 219, ENGL 332, PHIL 205, PLSC 305 (American Constitutional Law II), or SOC 309.

For more information on the Pre-law Studies minor, please contact the Pre-law Advisor, Dr. Erin McAdams, at (864) 833-8347 or (mailto: