Majors and Courses

The psychology major at Presbyterian College provides students with knowledge and skills useful for many career options or graduate studies. Through the psychology major, students gain insight into the major sub-fields of psychology and develop valuable skills including technical and scientific writing, data analysis, and speaking/presenting. In addition, students gain an understanding of human behavior and interaction.

The psychology minor is highly flexible, allowing students to complete courses that would be most beneficial to their individual career and life goals. Since human interaction is an important component in most areas of life, the psychology minor may enhance many different majors and provide the student with valuable knowledge and skills. Full details about our major and minor requirements are provided below and in the Presbyterian College catalog.

Requirements for the Major in Psychology

Students majoring in psychology are required to complete 40 hours, including PSYC 201, 205, 307, 316, and 440; STAT 320; three hours selected from PSYC 212, 213, or 214; three hours selected from PSYC 301, PSYC 310, or PSYC/SOC 312; four hours chosen from PSYC 318, 403, 406, or 407; and 12 additional hours in PSYC electives.
In addition, PSYC 444 and 448 are highly recommended for students who qualify.

Requirements for the Minor in Psychology
The minor in psychology consists of 18 hours, including PSYC 201 and 15 hours of PSYC electives taught at or above the 200-level. STAT 320 is not required but may count as one of the elective courses.