Registering for Classes

Sometime after the middle of each semester, you will meet with your academic advisor and register for classes for the following semester. In a nutshell:

  • Figure out what classes you want, using the Online Course Schedule.
  • Write down a list.
  • Meet with your academic advisor.
  • Register for classes in one of two ways:
    • Your advisor registers you on BannerWeb while you meet in his/her office
    • Your advisor confirms to BannerWeb that you are allowed to register, then you register yourself at a convenient later time.

Here are more details.
Find Out What Classes Are Available

  • Go to the Online Course Schedule.
  • Select the term and subject from the dropdown menus.
  • Indicate whether you want to view only open classes, or all classes (open and closed).
  • Select the View Class Schedule button.

You will see a list of classes and information about them, including how many seats are still available.  Write down a list of the classes that you want, at least as far as you can figure it out now. You might need to talk to your advisor before making your final choices. You can use the Course Request Form, or simply write the equivalent information elsewhere. You should also write down a few extra classes as alternates, in case the ones you want turn out to be full.

Meet with Your Advisor
Set up an appointment to meet with your academic advisor, to review your proposed schedule.  At the meeting, you may need to make some additions or changes.  When your advisor has approved your schedule, you can register in one of two ways, during your registration time period.

Registration Times
The starting time when you can register depends on your classification status at the beginning of the current semester (not the semester that you are registering for):

  • Senior = 90 earned hours
    register beginning at 7:00am on April 1 (or March 31 if you completed the assessment)
  • Junior = 60 earned hours
    register beginning at 7:00am on April 2 (or April 1 if you completed the assessment)
  • Sophomore = 28 earned hours
    register beginning at 7:00am on April 3 (or April 2 if you completed the assessment)
  • Freshman = anything below sophomore status
    register beginning at 7:00am on April 4 (or April 3 if you completed the assessment)

If your classification is dependent upon coursework that you have completed at another institution, make sure that the coursework has been posted. Look at your transcript on BannerWeb. If you do not see the transfer work, our office has not received the transcript from that institution.
To check your current classification on BannerWeb, select StudentStudent RecordsView Student Information. Select current term and click Submit.
Seniors start first, then juniors, etc. If you try to register before your starting time, BannerWeb will give you an error message. The starting times are announced each semester via e-mail or other means.

Time Tickets
Time tickets will be assigned just before registration is scheduled to begin. Students will be notified when the time tickets are assigned. To view your time ticket on BannerWeb, select RegistrationAdd/Drop Classes. Select the term in which you will be registering.

If you completed the Assessment on March 12, you will be eligible to register a day ahead of the regular registration time. If you DID NOT complete the Assessment, you will have a hold on your record preventing early registration. The hold will automatically be released on the regular registration classification day. If you have a question about the Assessment hold, please contact the Office of Institutional Research, extension 8757.

Registration in Your Advisor’s Office
While you’re meeting with your advisor, he/she can log onto BannerWeb and register you on the spot. You should watch how he/she does it so you can do it yourself in the future. Be prepared to improvise if one of your desired classes is full.

Registration on Your Own
Your adviser can confirm to BannerWeb that you are allowed to register yourself.  Then you can register yourself at some convenient time as follows:

    • Go to BannerWeb and log in using your  user ID and regular PIN.
    • Select Student, then Registration, then Add/Drop Classes.
      NOTE: If your advisor fails to confirm your advisement, when you click on Add/Drop Classes, you will get an error message stating, “Your advisement has not been confirmed by your advisor.” You must contact your advisor to confirm your advisement.  Please do not contact the Registrar’s Office.
    • Click on the drop down menu for the term. Select the correct term (example: Spring 2014) and click Submit Term
    • Read the information on screen
    • Click the box on the left side of the CRN of each class that you and your advisor worked out, then click Submit Changes
    • You may receive one of the following error messages on some classes (look to the right of the course):
      • time conflict
      • course entered twice (Duplicate course)
      • too many courses (overload)
      • course closed

To view course comments and detail information about a course, click on the CRN.  When selecting the Look-Up Classes page, follow these steps to view course comments:

  • Under Registration menu, select Look Up Classes
  • Select appropriate term
  • Select Subject, click on course search
  • Click View Sections on selected course
  • Click on the CRN link to view course comments and more detail information about the course.

If you got an error message, click Class Search to find another class:

    • Select Subject (example: BIOL, ENGL, etc., etc.), then scroll down and click Class Search
    • Select course needed, then click on box at left of course
      • If there’s a C instead of the box, that class is closed
      • If there’s no box or C, you’re already registered for that class
    • Select Register. This will take you back to your schedule for viewing.

If you need to drop a class,

  • Click on the drop down menu beside the class
  • Select Web Drop
  • Select Submit Changes

Add and drop courses as necessary until your schedule is complete.  When you’re done, click Exit at the top right of the screen.

After you’ve registered, you may retrieve and print your Class Schedule from the BannerWeb student’s menu under Registration. Make sure all the classes you want are on your schedule.

If you were not able to register for a class because it was full, you can try again later.  Maybe someone will drop the course and free up a seat!


Courses that satisfy the Intercultural/Internship Experience for General Education:
AFST 201
ARTH 320
BADM 308
ECON 318, 320, 326, 341
ENGL 203, 204, 210, 324, 338, 341, 345
FILM 210
HIST 3245, 3610, 3611, 3612, 3613, 3614, 3615, 3616, 3618, 3640, 3641, 3642
LAST 335
PHIL 361
PLSC 301, 331, 332, 341, 342, 352, 361, 362, 370, 380, 387
RELG 220, 280, 310, 356
SOC 310, 360, 362, 364, 370
SOST 205
THEA 1401, 2103, 2104
WGST 225
Any  modern foreign language course of three or more semester hours credit beyond first semester of intermediate level.

Need a lecture but not a lab? Need a lab but not a lecture?
You must register for a lecture and lab simultaneously; otherwise, you will get an error message. If you only need a lecture or a lab, please contact our office and we will register you.

Don’t register for a course you already have credit for!
According to the academic catalog, a student may receive credit for a course only once. Check your transcript for AP, CLEP, IB or transfer credits to make sure that you are not retaking a course for which you already have credit.

Not sure which courses will satisfy General Education requirements? On the Registrar’s home page, select Forms, then General Education Checklist for a listing of courses.

What credits are needed to satisfy a major or a minor? On the Registrar’s home page, select Forms, then select the interested major or minor form.

Want to take over 18 hours? In order to go over 18 hours during a semester, you must have a specific GPA from the previous semester:
for 19 hours – 2.80 GPA
for 20 hours – 3.00 GPA
for 21 hours – 3.30 GPA
If you have achieved the required GPA, you do not need approval to increase the hours. Contact our office and we will increase your hours. You may then register for the additional course(s).

Need to register for a course that has a pre-requisite or restriction? The professor of the course must contact our office with permission to register you for the course.

What is full-time status? A student must be registered for 12 semester hours to be considered full-time. Please remember that the spring semester and the Maymester/Flexterm are two distinct separate terms. They should not be considered together for hours status. For example, if a student is registered for 11 hours for the spring semester and 3 hours for the Maymester term, that student is NOT considered full-time for the spring semester.

Can’t register because of a hold on your record? You must contact the department who placed the hold to clear it before you may register. To view the hold, select Student, then Student Records, then View Holds.

What foreign language level should I take?

  • If you take 102 and pass the course, you are ready to take 201 (DO NOT TAKE 151)
  • If you take 151 and pass the course, you are ready to take 201 (DO NOT TAKE 102)
  • The 151 course is a combination of the 101 and 102 courses.

If you take 102 and receive a grade of ‘F,’ you have 2 options:

  1. Retake 102 to replace the ‘F’
  2. Take 151 to replace the ‘F’
    The reverse applies to failing 151


Pre-registration begins for Pharmacy students on March 31st. You may begin registering any time after 7:00am. Please review student holds under the Student Records menu of your BannerWeb account. If you have a registration hold, you will not be able to register until the hold is cleared. Please contact the appropriate office regarding the hold.


When working in BannerWeb, any time you select a student ID or a term, your selection will remain active until you specifically go back to a menu where you can select a new student or term.

If you register a student in your office, you will need to log in to BannerWeb first with your ID and password. When you get to Add or Drop Classes, the student must enter his/her log in PIN. Then proceed to register the student.

To view midterm grades: From Main Menu, select Faculty Services Scroll to the bottom and select Advisee Grade Summary Enter current term