Course Offerings

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2014 SUMMER II ONLINE Offerings

HIST 1100   Rise of World Cultures and Ideas

HIST 1101    Introduction to the Modern World

RELG 101     Old Testament Survey

SPAN 102     Introduction to Spanish II

2014 Summer II ON CAMPUS Offerings

BADM 332  Managerial Finance

BADM 351   Operations Management

ECON 201   Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 202   Principles of Microeconomics

ENGL 109   Composition

ENGL 110   Composition and World Lit I

ENGL 314   Southern Literature

HIST 1100   Rise of World Cultures/Ideas

HIST 1101   Modern World

HIST 3670 French Empire

MATH 201 Calculus I

MATH 210  Applied Statistics

PHED 225 Basic Wellness

PHED 313 Coaching Team Sports: Football

RELG 101  Old Testament Survey

RELG 110  New Testament Survey

SOST 314  Southern Literature

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I

THEA 1000  Introduction to Theatre