Dr. Kirk J. Nolan








Assistant Professor of Religion
Office location: Neville Hall 306
Office phone: 864.833.8358
BS, Princeton University
M. Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
STM, Andover Newton Theological School
PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary
Joined PC in 2009

Courses I Teach: Christian Doctrine, Theology & Ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, International Mission, Business Ethics, Religion & Politics in the United States, India Maymester

Professional Interests: Virtue Ethics, Karl Barth, Christian practices, comparative theology (particularly inter-religious discussions between Hinduism and Christianity)

I joined the faculty in 2009, while finishing up my dissertation on moral virtue ethics and Karl Barth. It’s difficult to locate the source of my interest in virtue ethics and Reformed theology, though Alasdaire MacIntyre’s After Virtue certainly served a large part. I have always been attracted to academic institutions as places where the intellectual virtues are intentionally fostered. The idea that these virtues are inseparable from moral virtues such as courage is something that only gradually dawned on me. Each of the courses I teach challenges me (and I hope my students) to reconsider cherished assumptions about the way things are. As a church-related, liberal arts college, PC offers the best of both worlds. Its church relatedness ensures the freedom to explore questions of faith openly. Its commitment to the liberal arts brings faith into conversation with reason. The meeting place, like freshly turned soil, bears much fruit.

My wife and three kids (Junia, Bennet, and Isaiah) are very good at keeping me grounded. We live just a block away from campus and our home is always open to visitors. Yes, that sound of children laughing and playing (and shouting) is most likely coming from our house!