Executive Cabinet

The SGA Executive Cabinet is comprised of the Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Class Presidents, Honor Council Chair, Student Union Board Chair, Multicultural Chair, and Religious Life Council Chair. You can find out more information about these positions under Article II of the Constitution.

             Shelly Rowan               Student Body President   snrowan@presby.edu

Amber Fortman
Student Body Vice President

Graham Bailey SGA Treasurer              Graham Bailey                    Student Body Treasurer     gbbailey@presby.edu

David Stanton
Student Body Secretary

Hayley Potter


               Lauren Berkey                 Honor Council Co-Chair   leberkey@presby.edu

               Peter Heitman              Honor Council Co-Chair   pfheitman@presby.edu

Luke Schneider Sr Pres         Luke Schneider               President, Class of 2016     ljschneid@presby.edu

Evan Haney Jr. Pres              Evan Haney                  President, Class of 2017 

Molly Clukey              Molly Clukey                       President, Class of 2018        maclukey@presby.edu

 Leah Lawson
Student Union Board Chair  rllawson@presby.edu

                Allyson Hollis                Multicultural Student Union Chair  ajhollis@presby.edu

Andrew Hane
Religious Life Council Chair  adhane@presby.edu