PC-V is a part of an international effort called V-Day, a month-long event to raise awareness and support for ending domestic violence. The organization screens documentaries about the truth of domestic violence all around the world and holds seminars to teach men how to help in the efforts against domestic violence against women as well as the reality of domestic violence against men.  Finally, the group presents the Vagina Monologues, powerful, moving monologues about the empowerment of women and the reality of sexual equality of men and women.  This year the Vagina Monologues were held in February.

This year PC-V also hosted a women’s self defense class, and will be promoting V-day’s One Billion Rising, in which people from all over the world are standing against violence against women.

For more information, please contact one of PC-V’s coordinators:
Allyson Hollis, ajhollis@presby.edu
Logan Hill, lnhill@presby.edu