Major and Courses

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

The classes in the Theatre Department are designed as a cohesive program focused on teaching students how to create new works.  We offer a major and minor in theatre studies and no audition is necessary to be a theatre major.  Many of our students combine their theatre studies major with a major in another subject.  At PC, all theatre classes are open to all students.

The classes come in three categories:

  • Foundation Courses – courses that focus on the skills needed to appreciate and participate in theatre;
  • Courses about Theatre – courses that focus on how other people have made theatre;
  • Courses in Creating Theatre – courses that focus on creating the theatre for the current season.

Each academic year, we produce two shows in our large black box theatre.  We start each semester with the idea for a play and work in our classes to make that idea come to life.  Theatre at PC is theatre without a safety net.