Majors and Minors

What can I do and where will it take me?

Although all of the courses and productions at PC are open to all students, we build our program and our plays around our majors and minors.  Because we are a small department we know all of our students and choose the themes to explore by their expressed interests.  The major in theatre studies consists of 33 hours of course work and a 1 hour internship, augmented by your experiences in the theatre as we create our new work. As a theatre major or minor, you will choose an advisor who will help you personalize your course of study.

We have an ongoing relationship with Theatre 99 in Charleston and regularly take our Devised Theatre and Theatre for Social Change classes there for workshops in script development.  We subsidize trips for our majors to see theatre in Greenville, Charleston and Atlanta as part of their course work and we regularly participate in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

Majors from the Department of Theatre have gone on to graduate school in theatre, have gone to seminary, have become teachers, lawyers and activists (and professional actors) – all careers where passion and an ability to communicate effectively are important.

See what some of our graduates have done

Major in Theatre Studies (34 hours)

  • Core Requirements  (19 hours)
    • Intro to Theatre
    • The Design Process
    • The Acting Process
    • Theatre History I OR Theatre History II
    • Adaptation OR Documentary Theatre
    • Theatre for social change: Capstone OR Devised Theatre: Capstone
    • One-hour internship
  • Elective Courses  (15 hours)
    • Theatre History I OR Theatre History II
    • Adaptation OR Documentary Theatre
    • Theatre for social change OR Devised Theatre
    • Intercultural Theatre
    • African American Theatre
    • Movement Styles I OR Movement Styles II
  • One three hour Special Project or Directed Study may be substituted for any of the elective courses with the approval of the department.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Major in Theatre Studies                 

  • Students will be able to execute the tasks involved in theatrical production in the areas of acting, design, and technical theatre.
  • Students will be able to interpret and evaluate theatre using appropriate terminology and critical vocabulary.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate respect for and sensitivity to intercultural differences in the artistic experience.
  • Students will be able to create original theatre that comments on issues of importance.

Minor in Theatre Studies (18 hours)

Intro to Theatre, The Design Process, and The Acting Process are core requirements. You may then choose 9 hours from the other theatre classes as electives.(either Movement Styles I OR Movement Styles II may count, but not both.)

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