Peer Educator Application

Position Description

Students selected as Peer Educators (PE) will function as paraprofessional members of Counseling Services. The focus of their work will take place in informal settings; i.e. resident halls, dining hall, and the student union. However, some counseling may take place in the Counseling Office.


1. Outreach responsibilities: to provide confidential assistance under the supervision of a licensed counselor.  The Peer Educators will refer students who are dealing with academic, personal and career concerns to the appropriate department.   This shall be done primarily through individual interviews and group activities.

2. Consultation with Licensed Counselor: Attend consultations regarding all cases related to the Peer Educators job-related interactions.

3. Communication: inform students with whom they consult, that the Peer Educator will maintain confidentiality with the exception of conferring with the Director of Counseling Services.

4.    Files and records: Complete referral sheets and turn in to the Director of Counseling Services.

5.    In-service training: attend in-service training sessions in order to develop counseling skills and enhance efficiency in dealing with peers.

6.    Peer Educator staff meetings: attend and exchange information pertinent to the functioning of the peer educator program

7. On-Call Duties: participate in on-call duties on a rotational basis for support in crisis management.

8.  Referrals: provide students with confidential referral services to the professional counseling staff as well as other offices with the college: i.e. financial aid office, business office, career services.


  1. Rising Sophomore or Junior with the ability to participate during the full academic year.
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.5 and in good standing with Student Life and Honor Council.
  3. Strong interest in counseling and peer education programs.
  4. Understands the importance of confidentiality.
  5. Interpersonal skills that reflect empathy and active listening.
  6. Models behavior that is consistent with the PC policies regarding alcohol and drug use, models conflict resolution, assertive communication, etc.
  7. Self-starter who can function productively in an unsupervised environment.

Peer Educator Application:
Peer Educator Application

The Counseling and Wellness Center is located at 120 East Calhoun Street.