Faculty Writing Guides

Presbyterian College faculty have shared guidelines for writing papers in their disciplines. Reserve a writing conference at https://presby.mywconline.com/ to work with a writing center tutor on papers in any class. See these pdf files.


Guidelines for Writing an Art History Research Paper, by Dr. Laura J. Crary, Art Department


Writing a Biology Review Paper, Presbyterian College Biology Department


Composition Guide, by the Presbyterian College English Department

Evaluation Guide for Essays, by the Presbyterian College English Department

Glossary of Usage, by the Presbyterian College English Department

Quote from Shakespeare Simpson, by Dr. Lynne Simpson

How to Cite Verse, by Dr. Lynne Simpson

Using Quotations for Support, by Dr. Alexander


Writing Research Papers in History, by Dr. Rick Heiser

Writing Suggestions for Writing History Papers, by Dr. Anita Gustafson

Religion and Philosophy

Writing Papers in Religion and Philosophy, by Dr. Robert Bryant

Guide to Writing in Religion: Exegetical Method, by Dr. Robert Bryant

Term Paper Citation Guidelines, by Dr. Peter Hobbie


Sociology Referencing Guides, by Dr. Robert Freymeyer

See Writing Resources for more handouts on writing topics.