Writing Center Information

The Writing Center offers one-to-one writing conferences on papers for any class.

The Writing Center’s purpose is to help students improve as writers by working one-to-one with them on papers in progress. Conferences take place at any point in the writing process.

Writing Center Hours

Monday & Wednesday: 12-5 pm & 7-9 pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 11 am-5 pm & 7-9 pm

Sunday: 7-9 pm

Friday & Saturday: Closed

Tutors can help you

  • Get started
  • Develop your ideas
  • Organize your paper
  • Integrate and cite sources
  • Learn to recognize and correct errors in grammar and punctuation

The tutors are students recommended by faculty and instructed in the Writing Tutor Practicum course. They will guide you through the process of writing and give you options and strategies for revision.

Expect to be actively involved in your conference, doing the work of writing as they ask questions and make suggestions. Writing tutors work ethically, not writing any part of a student’s paper but asking questions as readers, suggesting options, and sharing tips.

When to Come

  • When you would like to talk about a new assignment and ways to get started
  • After you write a first draft
  • When the instructor has returned a draft with suggestions for revision
  • When you have questions about using and citing sources
  • When you are ready to work on editing—style, grammar, and punctuation

Let the tutor know your main concern about the paper, and the two of you will decide what needs work. Tutors usually consider concerns such as organization and support before sentence-level issues like grammar and punctuation.

Bring your assignment, your texts, and any writing you have already done.

The Writing Center is Not Just for Freshmen

The Writing Center works not only with freshmen writing their first papers for composition class or freshman seminar but also with seniors bringing capstone research papers and personal statements for graduate school. Students may bring papers from any class during their years at PC.  Most experienced writers ask for feedback and learn from having a careful reader respond to their writing.

Make a Reservation Online

Go to the Writing Center on the PC Web site, click on Schedule a Conference Online, and register for your first visit.

Reserve a half hour for a short paper or an hour for a paper more than five pages long. If no times are available, add your name to the waiting list by clicking on the clock beside the day’s schedule.

Cancel an appointment at least 30 minutes ahead to avoid being a no-show.

If you have more than three no-shows, then your account will be locked and you will lose Writing Center privileges.

Writing Resources

See the Writing Resources and Faculty Guides to Writing on the Writing Center Web site.

The Writing Center has many writing reference books and handouts on topics from punctuation patterns to transitions.

Location: Neville Hall 206

200 Adair Street

writing center 3

Walk up the stairs to the second floor and go to the center of the hall. The Writing Center is towards the back of the building, overlooking the fountain.

Check the online schedule for extra times.
E-mail writingcenter@presby.edu with any questions.
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