Adams’ term focused on challenging academics

Adams-8thPC’s insistence on challenging academics began during the term of the eighth president, Robert P. Adams. PC raised its academic standards and its entrance requirements during this period. In addition, students were required to become members in either of the literary societies. Students also were required to attend the college’s daily devotional exercises as well as the Sunday services in local churches. No student was allowed to go more than two miles from the city limits without permission from the faculty, and strict rules were even put in place about remaining in rooms during the evening, according to Ben Hay Hammet’s The Spirit of PC.

Also during Adams’ term, Judd and Laurens Halls, which had been planned by President Neville, were completed. Presbyterians in Laurens contributed $7,000 toward the construction of Laurens Hall, which would house 24 students.

Dr. Adams, who was the pastor of the Laurens Presbyterian Church before becoming President, resigned in 1910 to become the pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church in York County. He was replaced by Dr. A. E. Spencer, who served as interim president for one year. Rev. Adams died on August 8, 1930, in Griffin, Georgia.

Source: Information provided by PC Archives