Students present work during Honors Day

Students present work during Honors Day

presentations-mainOn Thursday April 18, Presbyterian College Honors Day Symposium kicked off with a message of encouragement and support from President Lilly.

“Symposiums were started by the Greeks as a club,” said Dr. Lilly.  “Today they focus on research and give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have taught themselves.”

PC’s Honors Day Symposium included more than 45 student presentations, art project exhibitions, and musical recitals.  Events related to Honors Day were held in the library, Edmunds Hall, Harper Center and Harrington-Peachtree.

Students delivered presentations on a wide variety of topics and issues including:

  • Lindsay Krause & Maggie Stalls, “The Effects of Texting on Cognitive Mapping and Working Memory”
  • Jay Yarborough, “D-Day:  The Changing U.S. Soldiers’ Experience”
  • Krishonda D. Burnside, ”Parents’ Influence on Their Children’s Education”
  • Andrew B. Williams, “The Pursuit of Perpetual Peace”
  • Zack Robertson, “Native American Involvement in American Society after World War II”
  • Patrick Haile, ”The Relationship Between Religion and Happiness”

Some students displayed their research and conclusions in poster format in the library reading room. The poster displays included:

  • Ronnie McCall Anderson, “Do Water Fleas Feel Cold? Evidence for TRPM8  Expression in Daphnia Magna
  • Laura Dajani & Danielle Van Delden, “FGD1 Mutations in Breast Tumors”
  • Lyndsay Raye Gormley, “Y-site Physical Compatibility of Intensive Care Unit Admixtures with Cisatracurium”
  • Edward Keith Snead IV, “Are Thermal Islands Real in Small-Scale Cities?”
  • Ayla Pittman, “Bacterial Functional Genomics: Acidovorax subspecies avenae Mutagenesis”
  • Megan Danielle Sumner, “Y-site Physical Compatibility of Commonly Used Medications in an Intensive-Care Unit: A Focus on Esomeprazole, Electrolyte, and Insulin Infusions”
  • Ambreona Thomas, “Can Water Fleas Sense Acidity? Evidence for ASIC3 Expressions in Daphnia

Five seniors displayed their art projects in the Harper Center.  Those displaying their work were Nick Bozard, Megan Carn, Zach DeBernardi, Joey Lookabill, and Bess Reynolds.

Music students presented their honors projects with recitals in Edmunds Hall.  The recitals varied in nature and included voice, guitar, percussion, organ, viola, French horn and trumpet.

The students participating in the recitals included:

  • James T. Brannon, Guitar
  • Elizabeth Derrick, Voice
  • Joshua R. Harrington, Organ
  • Cassidy Jarrett, Percussion
  • Jo Anna McAnally, Viola
  • Tyler P. McDaniel, Trumpet
  • Brenda Abigail Sease, French Horn
  • Tianna M. Smith, Voice
  • Zachary W. Wells, Voice