Summer Fellows' Evening with the Lillys

Summer Fellows’ Evening with the Lillys

lillys-and-fellowsThe PC Summer Fellows—the PC students selected to conduct research this summer on campus—recently invited Dr. and Mrs. Lilly over for a progressive dinner at the PC Townhomes.

“The dinner was an excellent opportunity to better show the Lillys what it’s like to live in the townhouses and be students at PC,” said Lucia Leahy, a rising senior from Charlotte, NC.

The dinner party enjoyed a dish at one townhome before moving on to the next. Each of the dishes, including appetizers, the main course, and dessert, was prepared by the PC students.

“It was wonderful to be able to bond closer with the Summer Fellows and show the Lillys the lasting bonds of friendship formed at PC,” Leahy said.

The students and Dr. and Mrs. Lilly shared countless stories during the evening. In addition, the Summer Fellows discussed with PC’s First Family their research projects and the life of PC students while Dr. Lilly talked to the students about the administrative side of the college.

“That I go to a school where students have the initiative to invite the President and First Lady over to dinner is very special,” Leahy said. “It is even more unique that the President and First Lady would spend an evening with students at their home.

“It truly was just like having a special meal with my college family– very comfortable and relaxing.”